Are Vaccines Safe Poem


It’s widely believed that the influx in autism diagnosis, is linked to forced vaccination

I’m not trying discredit this industry, this is purely for public education

Numbers indicate, that Autism rates are now  1 in 68, up 30% in the last two years

You would think doctors would caution users of the risk, but instead, kick vaccines in higher gear

In a industry barely regulated, by FDA and CDC, you get leaders committing criminal acts

Who instead act on personal interest, protecting industry policy, and covering up facts

Protect your children, friends, community, don’t support the medical complex, do your research

Excise your free will, a constitutional right, that was god given at birth

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2 responses to “Are Vaccines Safe Poem

  • longchaps2

    Interesting. I have a nephew that is only four and diagnosed with Autism. It DOES make you wonder….

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    • poetrylobby1

      My niece was diagnosed with autism, her mother was heavily vaccinated during pregnancy and her daughter was afterward as well up to six month’s. This is truly sad, I had my daughter last year and refuse to have her vaccinated after she was born. That was my personal experience and decision. on average, every time some one complies with the vaccination, they become more ill. However, they can be used for good just needs to be reformed and heavily regulated is all.

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