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What a beautiful love poem ❀️🌟

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by Lara Jahzeel I. Onato
Your smile seems like the sun
You melted my tender heart
Your eyes are like the moon
Oh, they are a beauty to see

By the touch of your palms
All the sadness flew away
The cold and stormy seas
You calmed it ceaselessly

Even in your warm smile
I feel the serenity of night
Even the rising can be seen
In your two moon-like eyes
In you, I fondly glimpsed
The sun and moon meet
I love you as the sun conceals
And when the moon reveals


ni Lara Jahzeel I. Onato

Ngiti mo ay tila isang araw
Aking puso, iyong tinunaw
Ang mga mata na parang buwan
O, kay ganda nilang pagmasdan

Sa haplos ng iyong mga palad
Kalungkutan ay napalipad
Isang binabagyong karagatan
Pinakalma mo nang tuluyan

Kahit kita ko ang iyong ngiti
Ramdam ko ang mayuming gabi

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3 thoughts on “Love

  1. antsafanou says:

    really beautiful^^

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  2. Dudi Kurada says:

    Please like and follow my blog


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