Darkness Falls

pexels-photo-327316.jpegShe doesn’t see the city anymore

All she’s see are dark corners

Empty Faces

Hollow hearts

She wishes for the days when ’ignorance was bliss’

When she thought she was just like everyone else!

That ‘this’ was the way that everybody lived.

When removed from her home

In the middle of the night

Silence, in a police car

In Darkness, prepared to bite

Confusion filled her head

Pain deep inside her heart

This Is when she realised it…

Her life was not like most

The truth is, she was the parent

To both her mum and dad

The bottle, that was their best friend

But who did she really have?

Now I get it, life is hard

For everybody!

For that, she does not hold the monopoly

She does, however, hold the ’rights’ to HER pain

And for you, not to look down on her with soul-destroying shame,

The fact of the matter is you did not walk her path

Yet somehow you are ’uniquely qualified’ to comment upon her wrath

Just let it go

Get over it”

It’s time you just moved on” (sigh)

She wished that this was all she’d heard

But believe me, the list goes on

Like anyone would choose to live this way

Wishing away their life day by day,

And why?

Because their life wasn’t just ‘hard’

They want to die

Because they’re permanently scarred

Scars so deep they make

The Mariana Trench look like a puddle

And yes I know, ’if you were her’ you’d have solved the puzzle

But here’s the zinger;

A real big shock;

’If you were her’

But Guess what?

You’re not!!!

She may not be doing things exactly your way

But she gets up every morning and she fights another day

So take two steps back

And look outside the box

And know that even when off track

She’s a fighter

And yes, a paradox .

Darkness Falls written by C. Murphy © 2018


About outspoken1987

A new writer. Slam poetry is something I am taking a particular interest in. I also write personal articles View all posts by outspoken1987

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