Poetry Inspired

"Think, imagine, dream, desire, everything is poetry inspired"


Gregarious and bound by acceptance, he yearned for simplicity.

Longing understanding through rational honesty is my picturesque reality.

Yet I know the fountain of my youth is in my heart.

Bleeding for normality in absentia

I want you to know i want your remembrance.

I want you to remember my face forever

My tears bleed memories of setting sun bike rides for ice cream cones and memory slides. I’m like a walking polaroid, memories keep me strong and devoid of stress.

Im okay with distance over time causing spatial tension,

I digress my insult on your being,

To ease our lengthy regression

I also accept my part in the calamity

Perfection equates to no man,

Like ignorance is above no one

As the rain that bears down upon us

We shelter each other like umbrellas would.

Unity isnt far when we’re joyful

Acceptance makes us whole

Brings together the love

And fuels the soul.

I have so much knowledge to pass on

I gained much from you

Never will I forget your stolen truth,

Your mind and your forgotten youth

Twitter: @belcourtpoet

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2 thoughts on “Reclaimed Youth

  1. Antsafanou says:

    This is really beautiful^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks,
      Poem by Chris Belcourt 🌟


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