Poetry Inspired

"Think, imagine, dream, desire, everything is poetry inspired"

I was born, a bird

with  freedom  defined in a finite space

Needs offered on  silverplate

my goal engraved  on a wooden sky

Even dreams have been supplied

Religion passed through generation

Displayed the path of example

I must follow , no questioning

ignorance known to be a bliss

But I wasn ‘t convinced

I knew I believe there must be more

This I was sure

Was I  too young to have opinion?

A first wave of rebellion

A first shock from rejection

I was  alone and desperate

On a verge of a cliff, I saw my fate

at least, a new scenery to contemplate

as gravity summoned my tempted feet

what would I risk?

my life? a misery I was glad to lose

I was insane or I was doomed

I threw myself

The wings I thought were paralyzed

now found at last their identity

the dream supplied is none the size

of the virgin roof of infinity

I now call home

A bird, I was born AGAIN


originally posted on my website: https://mypuzzleheart.wordpress.com/


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