Poetry Inspired

"Think, imagine, dream, desire, everything is poetry inspired"

Just yesterday…

A bench reserved in a confort zone

a girl dressed up in a tomboy

All star covered by the dirty road

misfitting shirt  from big brother

to borrow power

The hour has come

I was on a mission

Hormones challenging naïvety

Testing limits of authority

the poor victim was my diary

Since I couldn’t locate my identity

My  nomad heart, a rootless plant

love letters have never been sent

Demanding needs I couldn t relent

Putting all the blame unto my parents

where would I refuge?

the metal scream temporary soothes

the wordless pain from ignorance

My soul a well of discontentment

A part who lost its connection

music was a  healing medication

My morning sun , and my moonlit night

Redemptive breeze when I was a kite


Providing hope ,a  faithful friend

A cozy bed on which I land

recharging  wasted energy

tonight you brought a memory

of Bittersweet taste

As I listen to you I go nostalgic

First time meeting ,our long recorded trips ,

A mended scar  from youthful time

what I have done is not who I am

what will I do will nor define

My identity

Who I wanna be , that is all that matters.



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