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When We Where Kids Poems


via Daily Prompt: Atmospheric 

I remember being a kid, oh those playground days

We loved to sit on the swing, sing and play

Thinking  back, to when I was just a friend

Those are the memories,  I never wanted to end

Missing the laughter,  from our trips to the park

You know those times, we had to be in before dark

Now we just grow apart,  the way that we live

I wish things didn’t matter, like when we where kids

There was a nostalgic feeling, in our atmosphere

Didn’t have the stress,  worry or fear

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Mushroom Pizza Poem | Poetry Inspired


via Daily Prompt: Mushroom


I thought mushrooms, where just hallucinating drugs.

The other day I found, it was a topping of pizza I love

Dancing on my tongue, with great sensation

Best mushroom philly cheese,  no exaggeration

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The Goofy Smile Poem | Poetry Inspired


via Daily Prompt: Droll

She was droll with laughter

With a sense of humor, as though nothing mattered

A smile,  that could melt away worries

She moved effortless, and in no hurry

We would sit at the house, and joke for hours

Who would of thought,  laughter  could have so much power

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Painted With Words | Poetry Inspired


Some people say, pictures are worth a thousand words
But that’s not totally correct, depending on which ones you’ve heard
What’s a memory, without description
Would a bright idea, still be a vision
It could be the most important thing on this Earth
Even our language, is painted with words

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Story In My Eyes Poem


I can see each pixel, down to a crystallized grain of salt

Each memory, carefully locked away in a vault

Should of painted a better ending, to this portrait that’s all

Not broken glass shattered from a mirror, onto the glass I fall

Do I still cross your mind, as often as your on mine

They say all wounds will heal, it just takes a little time

Sometimes I act unbreakable, but there’s a story in my eyes

And when I find that special someone, they’ll know how to read them right

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