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Poetry Book Release “The Perfect Storm” By Poetry Lobby



Poetry fans, enthusiast and fellow bloggers we are releasing our new book some time between Sunday and Wednesday of next week. This is an every day essential just as vital as your morning cup of coffee, or singing in the shower whatever makes you feel motivated. You will not want to put this book down, it is currently under review I cannot release it just yet but stay tuned you don’t want to miss it. It will be available on kindle marketplace and other online retailers, get this essential must have selection of poems and help grow the Poetry Lobby movement. Thanks for those of you that are returning readers. I will attempt to do more updates on the status of our movement, please show your support thanks Poetry Lobby! 

Vine Famous Spoken Word Poem


Short messages, looping video 

Six seconds of fame means more than you really know 

Some actors, musicians, but all one of a kind

Each video they do, goes out on the Vine

Replayed and re-vined millions of times 

Pure adrenaline, heart throbbing, your put it all on the line 

Just do it….Just do it…Just do it for the Vine 

Poetry Lobby’s post on Vine

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Spoken Word Poem | How To Go Viral

Browsing social media, and it seems like people do anything, for likes now days Hopefully if I act crazy enough, somebody will come by and like my page A couple million views, and I’ll be famous Wouldn’t you like for everyone to be screaming, whatever your name is Realistically, you have to create amazing content The more epic it is, you get better responses It spreads rapidly, if you share it on Instagram Facebook or Twitter You’ll get a better response if you included a picture

Spoken Word- America || America by Poetry Lobby


Wake up…

As I head downstairs for my morning brew
I grab the remote and click on the news
Taught  to obey a program to reality
Repetitious reports of entertainment in tragedy
So I turn on my laptop and load up the screen
Click on indeed, not a job to be seen
Meanwhile, they ship all of our work overseas
Our borders are flooded with gang and disease, immigration reform, spare me the grief
Executive orders from the commander and chief, to bus the illegals wherever they please
To truly reform, we need honest politicians
With common sense, and the American vision
We can save our country, from a total collision

Spoken Word Poetry || Love


If I searched the world a 1000 times, I wouldn’t receive a love as great as this
My diamond in the rough, the most precious gift
You deserve the best you’re beautiful
I just thought that you should know, lil wayne quote
Not trying to sound cliche, but words can describe this love we have
You’re the x to my y in algebra, I’m just showing this could relate to math
Because you and me we add up, and it equals an eternity
The other woman I dated, predominantly end up hurting me
If you love somebody you shouldn’t have to chase
Time is a commodity we don’t have to waste
Undisputedly you have my love
I want to raise a family, travel and do those types of things and such
I’m happy to have a life long companion
It didn’t happen by chance, because love isn’t random

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Spoken Word- Poetry Slam || Potatoes (funny)


Life is like a bag of potatoes, you never know what you’ll get out of it
Why am I writing about potatoes,  sometimes a little humor does the trick
My mother always told me, you should keep your eyes peeled
Life and potatoes that’s gotta be a joke for real
Sometimes I question myself, am I hez-a-tator
You’d probably start to feel this way, if things never went in your favor
I just hope love is like my potatoes, smooth and un-scarred
So I won’t need an extra layer of skin to protect my heart

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