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Woman’s Body Spoken Word Poem


A woman’s body flawlessly in nature, with hip that bend and wind
Most men like a woman’s body to curve like space and time
Long legs, thick thighs they”ll treat your body right
Those California beach  girls that keep it nice and tight
Shout out to the georgia ladies that represent the peach
And those Jersey, New York, Boston woman back out east





Beauty is what defines her, so perfect in her creation

Wanted by many persuasive temptation

So sensitive with her touch, her cheeks cherry red like blush

When I’m down, she finds a way to pic me up

My other half, the finishing piece to the puzzle

To find a way to express these thoughts, I’ve always seemed to struggle

Captivated by her beauty, flawless in all her ways

I need you in my life, at my side from day to day

Woman was gods creation, in which he made not one mistake

Cherish the ones in our life, is the point I’m trying to make

Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind

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