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Motivational Life Poem | Poetry Inspired


She can make you in this world, or take away your soul

This kind of power, can turn the warmest hearts cold

Test and trials, as you travel her maze

How quickly, can life put us back in our place

You will get scarred and bruised, like a championship fight

There’s no room for the timid, in this thing called life

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Note To Myself


I sip, I stir, I think out loud, I’m down then up, like a floating cloud

Working hard to make my mother proud

Having always cared for others, like my wife, daughter, sisters, and brothers

Very passionately seeking, for love and success

Sometimes I complain, but forget about how much I’ve been blessed

So I’ll endure through the struggles, trials and the test

Giving myself  a fighting chance, I’ll be quick on my feet and ready to dance

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Dreams Worth More Than Money Poem


Dreams are worth more than money, in life you must have ambition

Focus on your goals and achieve that mission 

Success is measured by how much money you make 

Dream  chasers do whatever it take

If you do aspire to achieve, then you have to believe

Just know, moneys accompanied by pain and grief 

It’s just a little bit better, when your living your dream

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