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Spoken Word- Poetry Slam || Success



This is a poem for the ones who couldn’t afford success… literally
You didn’t get the scholarship you wanted, because you go up on the wrong side of town
In a system where no matter how hard you work, they consistently keep you down
I’m talking about the individuals working strenuously just to get a paycheck
And then another round of bills come around and take it
Even after back-breaking blood boiling years of perspiration
They continue pushing forward with sheer determination
This is for the public school kids receiving mediocre education
That dream of being doctors lawyers and engineers all across this nation
I turn my head in shame, to a society that cares more about a prison system
Than public service and dedication
Or corporations and politicians, manipulating laws
Who don’t invest in our economy, and get community involved
Let’s not raise student tuition, no more giving tax breaks to successful
Corporate exhibitions
Living a in society, that’s invariably loosing it’s value
So they limit our success, to such a small volume
This is for my kids with bigger dreams, don’t let nobody be your obstacle
Stepping on your vision with thoughts like… nah that’s impossible
Everyone’s destiny is unique, whe’re all meant for different things
Persistence is the key, vision is the path, and success is having a dream