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Celebrity News Poem




Can money replace the emptiness in my soul, I hope so but I sure don’t know

Emptiness replaced by paper bills and a couple zero’s, so I’m a celebrity, i’m someones hero

Let me tell you it’s not worth it if I had to choose, selling my soul to make the news

Everyone can be successful with hard work and persistence, no short cuts in life or business

Because in the end you end up loosing, just some word of advice before you end up choosing

Realize you can achieve these things, and it will feel better when you accomplish your dreams

I can’t understand how people sell there souls for success, well some people aren’t willing to work I guess

Trust me you don’t want to wait until it’s to late to realize, because your soul is the most valuable prize

you can’t take money with you when you leave this life, your soul is the only thing you will take to the after life


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Spoken Word Poetry || Love


If I searched the world a 1000 times, I wouldn’t receive a love as great as this
My diamond in the rough, the most precious gift
You deserve the best you’re beautiful
I just thought that you should know, lil wayne quote
Not trying to sound cliche, but words can describe this love we have
You’re the x to my y in algebra, I’m just showing this could relate to math
Because you and me we add up, and it equals an eternity
The other woman I dated, predominantly end up hurting me
If you love somebody you shouldn’t have to chase
Time is a commodity we don’t have to waste
Undisputedly you have my love
I want to raise a family, travel and do those types of things and such
I’m happy to have a life long companion
It didn’t happen by chance, because love isn’t random


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