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Never be afraid to inspire, expect change in life’s desires

When your told as a child, get a job that promises steady pay

To except the rat race, as your day to day

You have a hard time making monumental decisions

Brace yourself, it’s pivotal that you see the vision

What is change, not conforming but taking the detours in life

It all ends with change whether you take a left or a right…

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Impeach And Prosecute Obama

Change Spoken Word Poem


We live in a society of criminal politicians

Each political term we’re promised hope and change, until they’ve been awarded their position

We live in a society where laws are influenced by corporations

More concerned with other countries, instead of reconstructing our own nation

Yes we can speeches, the promises of tomorrow

How can anyone lobby for another war, when we can still feel the pain and sorrow

I’m not for open borders, but don’t believe in segregation

We cannot support this influx while still dealing with inflation

The people are who built this country, that government is destroying

I miss the old america, the land of hope and dreams

Not our modern day concentration camps, or least that’s how it seems

Government should be held accountable the same as we the people

How can we trust a system, that’s secretly deceitful

I’m just hoping that we see the problem, and fix it as a nation

Or else we’re doomed towards a path of destabilization


Average Joe – Poetry Lobby

Average Joe- Louis Thomas


Am I a pawn in this sick and twisted plan
Call me your average Joe paying taxes to the man
Have they disassembled our rights , to have a constitution
We have to band together and come up with a solution

No one should steal our right to fight for what we believe
Do we really have free will, or is that just what we perceive

We must restructure a government that’s been broken from the start
Two constitutional parties, is what pushes us apart
We are not your puppets, to dictate what we should do
War is not  won, its a battle we all loose

And again, we can’t fix something that’s been broken from the start
We have to abolish it, and rebuild with different parts

Help support a movement that gives our rights back to us
Well, I hope I have enlightened you because this wasn’t for the buzz