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Highway Traffic Spoken Word Poem


I tend to think of life as a highway, and on this road there are many stops
As we approach success, there are traffic blocks
Make sure your cars have plenty gas
And GPS to navigate the path
Life is one long road trip, make sure you plan the journey
It may seem long at first, but it will soon be over in a hurry
If you are speeding on this highway, you only cheat yourself
You may miss your stops for love, success, and wealth

Phil Kaye // “Repetition” (Poetry Observed)

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Poetry Slam- Identity Crisis by Poetry Lobby


Recurring cycles of chaos, eventually we lose ourselves in the madness
Preconceived perspectives, that’s all they teach us in classes
Left to be defined by statistics and probability
Like you’ll live a mediocre life, where success is not a possibility
No more honor left in business, just crony capitalism
Teachers ridicule the kids in class, who have an actual vision
Illusions that whe’re free, working for corporations
Modern day slavery, only difference is now we pick the plantation
Struggling to find ourselves, through what they programmed us to be
Focus on your goals and dreams, your vision is what’s key
Obviously there traditional thinking, has failed as you can see
Its time for modern America to fight for what we believe


It’s been half a decade now since I first met the woman I fell in love with
A blessing from god, the greatest gift
Explosive thoughts, from love like this
Such passion desire these feelings are true
No fluctuation in words I’m destined for you
Circle these thoughts through that cute little head
Baby I’m a love you until the day that I’m dead