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Grandma’s Thanksgiving Poem | Poetry Inspired

Grandma’s Thanksgiving Poem | Poetry Inspired


Grandma’s Thanksgiving

Card games, dominoes and NFL network running on cable

The aroma of good food, that was surrounding the table

There wasn’t anything better her sweet candied yams, turkey, and stuffing

Thanksgiving memories, I wouldn’t trade them for nothing

Lots of jokes, TV and monopoly games

But without grandma around, it’s just not the same…

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Daily Prompt: Fishing

via Daily Prompt: Fishing


Fishing For Love Poem | Poetry Inspired

Searching for love, as if it were sport

Forcing emotions, that end in divorce

Likely the perfect catch, will end up on the hook

When the timing is right, I wont have to look

In many ways, love is sort of like fishing

It takes time, luck, and even some wishing

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Of all of the things I could choose to be thankful

A couple of which, are on this table

Food, drinks, and material things

For the accolades, accomplishments & success that I’ve seen

I give thanks to explorer’s, Who traveled for days

And for those who never got to see, the road that they paved

So as I enjoy it, with family and friends

While having fun, we wish we could do over again

I’m thankful, for just seeing another Thanksgiving year

Just trying paint the picture clear, lets raise our glasses toast to this, cheers

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