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Her Blush Haiku


via  Her Blush

As her cheeks turn pink

Really can’t help but to think

I’m glad that she’s mine

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Charming Smile Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Captivating

She had a captivating smile

It could probably blind the sun

Feeling she’s the one

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Beauties Wonder Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Wonder

I often do ponder

The depth of beauties wonder

Never goes astray

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Silhouette Of A Perfect Body Poem


via Daily Prompt: Silhouette

From the curls in your hair, to the curves on your hips

I like the sassy little smirk, that you make with your lips

The outline of a figure, I’m sure is perfection

I’m almost certain, I’m seeing beauties reflection

The silhouette of your body, makes the perfect shape

It’s an uncertain adventure, I’d be willing to take

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