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Patience Haiku


via Patience Haiku

Good things come with time

We just need to have patience

It shows you have poise

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The Uncompromising Woman Poem


via Daily Prompt: Uncompromising

A beautiful mind, she never asked to be equal

Uncompromising in her ways, there was really no need to

She used passion, to fuel her drive to success

With more ambition, than almost anyone else

So determined,  she can reach the sky

Why would she ever compromise

The Uncompromising Woman, she gets her way

Remember stay strong, this International Women’s day

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Imagination Poem


via Daily Prompt: Imagination

As kids we have an endless flow, of creativity

We see the world with vision, hope and possibility

With this ability in life, we would go far

Be brighter, than an exploding star

Full of life, how bright we shine

It’s sad that imagination, gets lost over time

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