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Fresh Start Poem


After 365 days of ups and downs, start and stop

With each new year, we reset our clock

After Every bad relationship, there’s a better one ahead

Sometimes a fresh start, can be a safe bet

Even after loosing it all, to the trials of life

Renewing your spirit, can make it feel right

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Sex Therapy Poem



 Woman get sexually frustrated, you have to keep them satisfied 

This will make a once dead relationship, come back alive

Pleasing them will ease their tension

Caressing there bodies will get their attention

We all need some sex therapy 

Our lives, depend on how good it will be 

Make sure you are pleasing your partner

Because no sex, just makes a relationship harder


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Love Hard Spoken Word Poem


We should love hard, because the heart is soft
So the  counterbalance, doesn’t set us off
There are many of us, who take love lightly
So when love is lost, it disappoints us highly
Drink loves potion, until life is over
You already know, its not that fun when sober
Love hard, like each day is your last
Focus on now, and don’t Live in the past 
A wise man once said, “you don’t miss what you got, until it’s what you’ve had