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Spoken Word- America || America by Poetry Lobby


Wake up…

As I head downstairs for my morning brew
I grab the remote and click on the news
Taught  to obey a program to reality
Repetitious reports of entertainment in tragedy
So I turn on my laptop and load up the screen
Click on indeed, not a job to be seen
Meanwhile, they ship all of our work overseas
Our borders are flooded with gang and disease, immigration reform, spare me the grief
Executive orders from the commander and chief, to bus the illegals wherever they please
To truly reform, we need honest politicians
With common sense, and the American vision
We can save our country, from a total collision

Sovereignty by Poetry Lobby


Frustrated by by the minuscule nature in which we live our lives
Keeping my sanity, trying not to compromise
The weight of knowing I’m destined for more
In a system without options to explore

I seek I search I try to find, no gravity left to hold me down
There’s an ocean of problems all around, so many disconnected people now
Just a little help is all we ask, our ancestors fought to fly this flag
No dictatorship is going to take it back

Just remember all we have to loose, we can’t continue pressing snooze
Fight for what ever you believe, avoid those tempting to deceive

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