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When We Where Kids Poems


via Daily Prompt: Atmospheric 

I remember being a kid, oh those playground days

We loved to sit on the swing, sing and play

Thinking  back, to when I was just a friend

Those are the memories,  I never wanted to end

Missing the laughter,  from our trips to the park

You know those times, we had to be in before dark

Now we just grow apart,  the way that we live

I wish things didn’t matter, like when we where kids

There was a nostalgic feeling, in our atmosphere

Didn’t have the stress,  worry or fear

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America The Beautiful Poem


America a product of capitalism, inventions and innovation

It is a land of prosperity and freedom, across the nation

That’s not to say, it does not have some problems

We must unite as a people, lets try to solve them

No divisive tactics, from our political figures

Because dividing our country, is not a part of the picture

Take action from these words, just being truthful

I want our nation to be remembered, as America the beautiful

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