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Singularity Poem | Poetry Inspired


In a world, that merges machine with man

Sounds like some sort of diabolical plan

Humanity,  is undergoing an irreversible change

Let’s make A.I work for the good, so it doesn’t bring pain

Technology advanced so rapidly, we couldn’t keep up

We can only be optimistic, and hope it won’t defeat us

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Daily Prompt: Bespoke

via Daily Prompt: Bespoke

Bespoke Poem | Poetry Inspired


You bespoke my patience, before we met

And it’s a decision, I could never come to regret

When our conversation, would expose your troubled past

I said I would never judge you, based off of that

When you displayed confidence in me, I grabbed your hand

Saying, I’m going to be by your side, as long as I can

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The Future Spoken Word Poem


Slowly moving toward a future of artificial intelligence

While our streets homes and cars are modified with surveillance

A future we’re machines will do the jobs of once working citizens

They package it as fun and goods so you think nobody’s listening

simple, productive and more efficient

Do you think we’ll be needed in this future envisioned

Smart homes that monitor everyday live

So they keep us suppressed, with all of the lies

Once independent countries, now a global nation

Memory chips implanted, to keep up motivation 

The future looks scary, this path that we’re on 

Is this really a future where humans belong