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Suspicious Of Your Intentions Poem


via Daily Prompt: Suspicious

No time for false steps, or a sugar coated truth

I’m all in to this thing, but I don’t know about you

Lately, I’ve been suspicious of your intentions

Don’t forget that one thing, you don’t want me to mention

All this back and forth, is exasperating

Look at those big eyes, like i’m exaggerating

Only want you, to be the one I trust

Just tell me you’ll try, and never give up

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28 days of February Poem | Augustine Ennin


28 days of February
Very short, thank God it’s not so prolonged like January
This is a month  entangled in love
A word whose pronunciation sounds so calm like a dove
The 14th on which most people celebrate with their beloved
Yet to some others is a day to share chocolate
With family and friends
A month that goes with the color red
The time when couples and those doubled trend
Val’s day, a dream day for some girls to wed
They just can’t wait for you may kiss the bride
And go on their honeymoon ride
this year’s Val’s is gonna be more like a clash of titans
Well at least not for the singles
We’ve got our soccer channels
Happy new month guys
Remember love is the greatest of all commands
Share it positively

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Valentine’s Day Poem | Poetry Inspired


There’s no weapon, stronger than Cupid’s bow

Every Valentine’s day, love will be sure to let us know

That’s why I cherish your beauty, each and everyday

Life is a roller coaster of emotions, for you I’ve always felt this way

Fancy dinners at restaurants, go get dressed we have some plans

I may not have always been the best, but this year I’ll be the man

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My Candid Lover Poem


via Daily Prompt: Candid

Let’s raise our glasses, and toast to the best

Love is a commodity, in which we need to invest

To happiness each year, if I’m being frank

Your more precious than metals, we store in a bank

To the woman who I love, can you be mine

For the rest of our lives, happy Valentines

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