Her Blush Haiku


via  Her Blush

As her cheeks turn pink

Really can’t help but to think

I’m glad that she’s mine

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Easter Friday Poem


Easter Friday:
chorus of songs echo through the night
songs of anguish, sadness, and joy
churches are filled on a Thursday night
stars ignite like never before the night sky never looked more darker and magnificent
stillness everywhere as Easter draws near and when morn comes there’s a calm
the sun peaks over the horizon no waking bird is heard, silence is all around then its broken
a choir from a distane breaks out with a song
the melody of voices begin to sing
lower at first but now stronger
as it fills the ears of early risers
all that hear listen with awe
such splendor, such singing, such a message
the breeze begins to sway to the chorus as it wraps its warmth around me
I half wake to the song but its too early so I slump back on my pillow
as the chorus echoes slowly away now at a distant
the only song now heard is in my head
on a beautiful yet cool Easter morn
The power of the old rugged cross symbolises the love that GOD had for his people
The true meaning of Easter 🐣

By TadraLife

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Patience Haiku


via Patience Haiku

Good things come with time

We just need to have patience

It shows you have poise

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Dance In The Moonlit Night Poem


Dance In The Moonlit Night
In the moonlit night

We dance to the tune of heartbeats

The daffodils and red roses scatter scent

The fire flies sparkle the moment

The soothing music of crickets

Cool breeze of spring in the garden

What else can we ask for a perfect date

just you and me holding each other

the love tangle

I see compassion in your eyes

I rest my head on your shoulder

We keep moving to the rhythm of shadowy trees

Only other sound is our breaths

not a word is spoken but

All is understood

You and me

Like two swans dancing in the pool

Soft grass under the feet

A feel not a costliest carpet can give

I wish I could drench in  your masculine smell

your short subtle breath ruffles my hair

your lazy movements and carefree attitude

The warmth of your nearness and the secure feeling

Where the dream and reality meet

Oh! how I wish this could go on and on

By dharkanein

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Tears Fade Poem


Tears Fade

A young girls Dream shattered
her Life a sudden downpour of rain
her emotions soaked by the realization of death
as the rain waters the earth, her sorrow and pain reigns over her
so sudden and so soon life has come to an end yet so young
she reminisce of her past life and things taken for granted
she feels rotten and decayed, eaten up by a force greater than she is
endless tears shed all day long, lying in her bed dreading the worst
In the midst of it all hope flickers in the dark
Hope that she’s never felt before overcomes her
through the tears courage is found
to believe in the power of healing
fading tears are endless but endurance is the key
though still fighting one day tears of hers shall fade
destiny at hand it shall come to pass

By TadraLife

*Dedicated to everyone fighting a battle and never giving up!

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Hold me

Behind the tender lips

sewn with a  fragile thread

lies your favorite speech

made of the sharpest blade

behind the tender lips

using love as excuse

Your tongue is a flying fist

signing my bluest bruise

Behind my tender lips

I swore in silent tone

to calm the raging beast

that turns my heart to stone

behind my tender lips

The most bitter taste

I wince and swallow the ink

which on the paper I paste

A black and white stain

on this paper heart

illustrates all the pain

I need to garbage out


originally posted on my website:https: //

A Wrinkle In Time Poem


via Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

Dear future generations, I hope it’s not to late

Crushed by the burden, of carrying this weight

A slight wrinkle in time, just enough for change

You won’t like the outcome, if things remain the same

Through my poems, I’ve been trying to heal the pain

Working day and night, I just hope it’s not in vain

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Provoke Thoughts Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Provoke

Can we provoke thought

Words that heal, like a poet

Diamonds in the rough

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The Brain’s Bridge To Language Poem

Spoken Word Poem By Illya Vasquez 




A ten-year old child
was writing a piece of poetry!
Hiding inside in his bathroom,
away from the glare of his parents and his relatives,
he was writing about the feeling of love!
The feeling of love he felt
towards one of his classmates..
He wrote about the stars,the moon,
the wind, how the sublime beauty
of nature is related
to the beauty of that friend!
after he finished the poem he folded
the piece of paper and hid that
inside one of his books!
Next day he gave the poem
to his friend whom he loved!
When we watch from a distance,
from her angry reaction!
we can understand she did not
approve his action..,
The boy was crest fallen
In front of his eyes,
his world has been broken
He thought he had done a great crime!

It is again night-time..
the girl opens her note book
and takes out that paper!
there that poem smiles at her innocently!
It is a poem of pure love!
With uncontrollable thirst..
she reads through that poem!
after reading she crushes that paper
inside her fist and throws it out through the window!
Her eyes are filled with tears!
she cries bitterly, she is uncontrollable!!
Tears wash through her painful soul!
Unfortunately she is born into a world
where love is considered a taboo,
or a sign of weakness!

Out in the open a vegetable vendor
picks up that piece of paper!
He reads through those lines!
Lines that speak of nature and love!!
After reading the poem..
he gives a wry, sarcastic smile and
throws away that paper!
He continues his walk,
pushing the empty vegetable cart
through the darkening night!
and stops near a hooch shop!
as his terrified family awaits in his home,
waiting for that drama of violence
which unfolds everyday on his arrival back home!
But today,
he looks at the moon, then those smiling stars,
the cool breeze blowing and
of the loved ones waiting in his home!
once when love existed in his life
how happy he was he thought about those lines
in the poem and continued pushing his empty cart past the
hooch shop today he decided he will reach home
not as a drunkard ,but as father and a husband!

The piece of paper carrying the poem
was blown by the wind and it reached
the feet of a middle-aged man!
He was out on the roads ,on a Saturday evening,
after a nasty brawl with his working wife!
Saturday evenings are always the time
when both of them lets off their pent-up feelings
and frustrations at work!
For him his world has ended
And the city stares at him as one whole
dark, emptiness!!
As he stands there watching the stenchy drainage
flowing through the gutters…
the crushed piece of paper is blown towards his feet!
He picks up the paper and reads the poem
The starry eyes, the dimpled cheeks,
The brightening smile!
The first touch of love!
Through those lines, the innocence of nature
and of that cute little girl and the
expressions of pure love smiles at him!
He rushes home ..and shows the poem
to his angry wife..she reads and tears it off!
But a few moments later..
The emotions flying out through those blissful lines..
as starry little Angels casts a spell on her!
she reaches her husband,smiles and tells
“let us forgive and forget”
as they are locked in an inseparable embrace..
The dump founded husband’s eyes searches for that paper
The paper which bore..
the torn pieces of that poem!

©Ashok Nairm

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Lost Love Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Grasp

I almost had her

Although she slipped through my grasp

Can’t forget the past

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I wish I could  word the unexplainable

Reach the  unattainable

be able but I can’t

at least not for  the moment

I won t go  defensive

I ve been unexpressive about my other self

renounced  seeking for help

to raise my white flag

when on the battlefield

I am already dead even before being killed

When I open my eyes assuming it is another day

I  find myself armed

in the same battlefield

Sometimes I make it through

this is how I am presented to you


originally posted on my website :


pexels-photo-256546.jpegCaught unawares

We consume each other’s air


frazzled, needy and broken

Far from innocent

I’m well aware

In spite of everything that’s been and gone

Being in your arms again, I felt warm

But once again, ha!

When will I learn

Cold …


And then you were gone!

Not before a beautifully Articulated denigration of me of course!

Maybe you’re real love is the


Triangulation is all fun and games for you

It’s easy to see what you’re all about now…

The three furies





Punishing others for crimes you know well

What you see is what you get

And now I finally see who you aare!

But your opinion has no face to me.

It no longer has any power!

Because I know exactly what I am!

It’s just a shame that after all this time…you don’t..

Humans are beautiful twisted kaleidoscopes

We don’t have secret shadows that need to be outted and shouted

We have hidden colours and patterns that when focused on and nourished,become the most beautiful sights to behold!

Written by C. Murphy © 2018

“Only by acceptance of the past can you alter it.” — T.S. Eliot

Charming Smile Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Captivating

She had a captivating smile

It could probably blind the sun

Feeling she’s the one

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The Zigzag Route Haiku


Meander –  Prompt

What’s around that curve

But hope for change, to be blessed

This road is our test

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It Happened Suddenly Haiku

Daily Prompt: Suddenly


It came like a thief

Sudden and unexpected

Heartbreak steals your joy

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Beauties Wonder Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Wonder

I often do ponder

The depth of beauties wonder

Never goes astray

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The Uncompromising Woman Poem


via Daily Prompt: Uncompromising

A beautiful mind, she never asked to be equal

Uncompromising in her ways, there was really no need to

She used passion, to fuel her drive to success

With more ambition, than almost anyone else

So determined,  she can reach the sky

Why would she ever compromise

The Uncompromising Woman, she gets her way

Remember stay strong, this International Women’s day

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Not Asking For Independence, Part I

“I hate boys”

she repeated in her heart and out loud

“I hate boys”

when she was a kid

“I love boys”

she repeated in her heart and out loud

“I love boys”

when she was a teen

“I am afraid of men”

she repeated in her heart and out loud

“I am afraid of them”

she was in her twenties

“I need men”

“I am still afraid of them, but not of those I am close

I still hate them , but not those I am close

I care for them

because I know they do the same”

She is a woman, she doesn ‘t need a special attention

but a different attention

She ll never ask for equality

but respect her with her ability

She will never steal the men’s task

But she may help if she was asked.

To be continued….

originally posted on my website :@mypuzzleheart



An Inconvenient Truth


Without my pain I’d be living life in the slow lane

Pretending I’m happy, living life in misery

Condesention thrown around ”some of us have bills to pay”

My bad, I forgot, all my shit is free

Apparently I won this thing they call the ’free life’ lottery

Because I don’t have bills or need food to eat

And don’t get me started on the dog

She eats better than me

But here I am thinking ’I’m so privileged’ to aim so high, I only have one question, why can’t I reach the sky?

Call me a rebel, I’ll be the black sheep

Im not afraid to walk away from a job that makes me weep

The last time I checked im not judging you, calling you ”dumb” to keep walking in them shoes

Everyday a slog, you despise the job

But you stay for what? pay

Life is so much more than money

When you start hitting the bottle to cope

Do you still think dreams are funny!

This world is obsessed, everyone must conform

If you dont, you see the looks, ”clearly this one’s deformed”

I spent way too many years letting those opinions keep me down

Making me think ’losing my way’ was a reason to put myself in the ground

But now all of a sudden I’m dreaming dreams too big;

rein it in”

get back in your lane”

don’t you remember what you did?”

When I’m down, you’re screaming at me, that my past does not define me

But heaven forbid I get up, now ”the past is all I’ll be”

Once you’re in the gutter,

Hell, that’s where you need to stay

”I love you ’n all but society decides the way”

The truth is inconvenient, people don’t want it pointed out

And God forbid you start making waves with the stuff you dare to shout

Why is it that those closest to you wish you’d just learn behave?

They don’t look at you, telling the truth, and think ”dam that person is brave”

In fact your words make them want to climb into a cave

Somehow the world has evolved, where the person telling the truth ’should be ashamed’

Yet no one batts an eyelid about a SINGLE THING behind the pain

The lucky duck that caused the damage remains unproclaimed

Why is no one angry at the truth that you have told?

Yet they’re plenty angry at you daring to be so bold!

Sadly for the haters, I’m afraid this is just the start

If I could make just one person believe, that would simply melt my heart

Because I remember the feeling of being in so much agony

Thinking that leaving planet Earth would be the only relief for me

But I’m bringing the truth out of the shadows

It’s time the ’real monsters’ faced the gallows

Stop caring about those that don’t like what you say

Hold on to that dream that maybe.. One day

Someone will sit down, and really feel the shit you say

That connecting with your words will make them stay another day! ❤️


An Inconvenient Truth

written by C. Murphy © 2018

Fact Over Fiction Poem


via Daily Prompt: Fact

Give me,  fact over fiction

No flaws,  in my vision

The truth is more comfortable, than a bed of lies

In dark times, the truth is my light inside

Facts are the essential things, we know are real

True emotions, are the best ones you’ll ever feel

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Darkness Falls

pexels-photo-327316.jpegShe doesn’t see the city anymore

All she’s see are dark corners

Empty Faces

Hollow hearts

Continue reading

Branch Out Poem


via Daily Prompt: Branch

We are but an extension, of our inner self

Which often, lends a hand to help

Branches, stemming from a tree

Our spirit, gives a lens to see

As we grow, and strengthen our soul

You learn, we originated from that,  which makes us whole

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Exposed in the spotlight

a countless pair of eyes, like  hungry  arrows

I am the target

they are all expectant ,waiting to be spoonfed  with a show

Applause was needed to earn

all the time invested,

the love and affection

energy lost in rehearsal

Back on the scene , I once used to enjoy

Now doubt fills my soul

A move,  disobedient

A failed performance

made the  unsatisfied audience

throw their arrows

ripped me with everything I knew and owned

With only dignity left, I left the scene

wounded, bleeding


I am not coming back

I wanna be left unrecognised for the rest of the world

and only sing  for those who deserve

myself and my beloved ones

who will throw laughters ,mocking and loving words

when I happen to fall again

And I would keep on falling for them



Originally posted on my website: @mypuzzleheart  Come visit ❤

Typical Guy Poem


via Daily Prompt: Typical

As men we watch sports, and play games

Often, trying to bury our pain

We have to be strong, support and provide

Never show tears, since real men don’t cry

Just random facts, about the typical guy

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Poetic Seamstress Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Fabric

A seamstress of words

Fixing others lives, through poetry

I make those pieces whole

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Written by Carrie Murphy © 2018

I’m dancing in the rain,

I love it, getting lost in the moment

The rain falls down beating against my skin

I close my eyes and suddenly I’m gone

“Why is she so happy?” I can feel people wondering.

Some people are haters, others just curious.

It’s of course because of a guy

Isnt it always?

A beautiful chizzled face and a body to die for

The first time I’ve had a man I want this much.

And he loves me.

And I love him.

So here I am dancing in the rain and I don’t give a fuck

Why should I?

I’ve got what I’ve always wanted

Its amazing how beautifully simple life can be

But don’t tell anyone I love him

It’s a secret I’m harbouring through fear untold

The girl who never lets her guard down has slipped up

I knew as soon as I laid eyes on him that slippery sod would be trouble

Now he has my heart, I’ve given him the power to break me


Suddenly I realise I’m on my knees, crying in the rain.

Written by Carrie Murphy © 2018

Messy Truth Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Messy

Exposing truth hurts

Laying in that bed of lies

Truth shines light inside

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Rise Above Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Above

Rise Above Haiku

We must rise above

Chaos,  greed and disaster

To truly find peace

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What a beauty have bodies
when they are naked?
It is the normal. This is their natural side,
so they shine
even in the dark.
We are born naked
clothes are coming after
as an attempt to cover the fear.

What a beauty, bodies soften
together by a hug.
Heart is the same; it keeps its pace
and gives life. The sharks are living in the mind.
What is the matter on color skin; from where you are;
where you live; if you are black or white
homosexual or heterosexual
rich or not
all bodies when they are find the Person
will bloom in the dead of winter.

by Evi  Koroni

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A Simple Truth

Written by Carrie Murphy

“Here is a simple technique…”

“It’s a really simple technique…”

“This simple technique that will change your life…”

If I hear the phrase ‘simple technique’ one more time, Im going to grab that phrase and smash it into a million little pieces!

I will then settle down, amidst the chaos and rubble. And calmly say…

Ok simple technique,

I have a really simple technique for you to stick yourself back together again!

All you have to do is follow this really simple technique and those pieces of you will start to connect and make sense of the world again.

Every one of those smashed up pieces will join forces in a battle to survive.

And amazingly,

You will become whole again!

But I wonder, now that it’s you smashed that is into a million little pieces….

Does it still seem so simple??” 🤔

Written by C. Murphy © 2018

No Restart Poem


via Daily Prompt: Restart

When our life,  eventually runs the course

Or if our marriage, will end in divorce

There’s no reset,  on a broken heart

Life is not a game, can’t press restart

We only get one shot, to do it right

Just know we’re accountable, for how we live our life

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Like That One Here’s AnotherFirestorm |Christina Bruno




Dim Light Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Dim

The light starts to fade

Darker than a shade of black

A sight hard to grasp

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Premonition Of Disaster Poem


via Daily Prompt: Premonition

Slipping deeper, into the claws of greed

A monopoly of power, by the ruling elite

Capitalism, is turning humans to monsters

Most politicians are crooks, and total impostters

Their pushing for a fight, of blacks against whites

At the same time, they are taking our rights

Focused on politics, that just divide

We only win as humans, if we Unite

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Tattooed Love Poem


on my right arm

tattoo your love

insert the pigment of the legends

under my skin

battered by oceans

color my arm

in scents of red

snatched from Pompei

when the sun sets

insert my soul

with violent gusts of pain

that Lancelot once felt for Guinevere

so, every night I cross myself

i’ll put that love and pain

into the hands of my own god

and then i’ll sleep.

By Poet: short-prose-fiction

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I Began Somewhere Poem | Mason Bailey


I Began Somewhere

In a place where the sounds of melody were not promising and uncertain of composition

jumbled up notes that speak to ears that only two people could translate and sounded like common noise

nothing of use

I began somewhere in the sequence

Drum patterns became distinct among the white noise

Oxidizing movements in my veins, the solace position of curiosity

On the brink of awareness of self but wanted to break the reflection

Spirit in the distance as it hummed through my senses

Decisions to amplify and synthesize my existence

hollow features of the morning with exhilarating thrill as they left nameless

oral consumptions endorsed the numbness of all mental traffic

ghosts that move through my windows, I found traces of spines mineralized in soil

I began somewhere

In a place where the beginning is a vapor and the following was foreign

As I stand in place where vibrations of the world melt down to the invisible

I almost hear the melody of uncertain, the one where only two people had the translation

And now I am the three, seeking in within planes of existence to find some existential profound definition, the melody was speaking to me through the clouds of mental folds

dwindled down to the consequential whisper but in the position of acceptance of departure

I heard the humming of the drum, palms that pound within pattern

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Imagination Poem


via Daily Prompt: Imagination

As kids we have an endless flow, of creativity

We see the world with vision, hope and possibility

With this ability in life, we would go far

Be brighter, than an exploding star

Full of life, how bright we shine

It’s sad that imagination, gets lost over time

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Woodnotes Poem | Christina Strigas


Last night I fell asleep

before you came home.

I dragged the dog out for a walk

but he hates the cold as much as I do.

He pissed all over the kitchen floor,

he despises being alone.

He ate snacks before bedtime

wallowing in loneliness.

You wanted to have sex

while I had creative writing on my mind.

My blue journal sprawled between

my thighs,

I want my head there, you said.

My pens took precedence

Patience was playing from my phone

I ignored you. I fought your lights.

You take it personal, but I’m a writer

and you know that I can’t interrupt

my flow. Sex came and went,

making love is for another lifetime.

I took the kids out for dinner

ate avocado rolls

veggie burgers

St.Louisbourg burger

with onion rings.

I said, it’s hard to be an artist

to be in a relationship,

I am preparing them

for the heartache, but it’s

Too late.

If the one you’re with

does not understand what a woodnote is

or what defines you.

It’s a natural musical tone

or the song of

some bird

no one cares about trees

nature is becoming extinct.

The young and old have their heads

filled with useless information

school shootings

young wolves writing poems

academia taking the back seat

poets knocking on your door

I am locked in;

dead children

another statistic.

Here we are sleeping together

never at the same time

chaos in our fear.

By Christina Strigas

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Conversant Faith Poem


via Daily Prompt: Conversant

By now, I would say i’m an expert on love

I’ve had it, lost it and all of the above

You place your faith and trust, in someone else

Often putting them, before yourself

But, they don’t always do the same

We know this dance, and still we play the game

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Black And Red Poem | Evi Koroni


Black And Red

Planet is screaming for a change.
Murders, Pain, Hate
Black and Red
such wonderful colors; love them.

Murders, Pain, Hate
The murder is pleasures
Money is your happy
Money wants more money
and more money needs
more blood.
Yeah, blood baby…
Devil, is in the Earth
call us to offer him blood.
Killers everywhere are smiling to you.

Where are you, peace?
Where are you, people?
Where are you, love?

Planet is screaming for change.
Murders, Pain, Hate
Black and red everywhere
Mothers screaming
Kids crying
Fathers, brothers keep the guns
Black souls
Red bloods
lovers of well thought out visuals.

Where are you, peace?
Where are you, people?
Where are you, love?

by Evi Koroni

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My Path Poem | Josephat A Wangwe



I’m following though it’s full of mud,
spotting stepping stones before each move,
might there be no stepping stones,
trust me, like a mad man, I’ll swim in,
surely it will take me to the peak of my view,
sharp thorns besides,
but none can out-track my vigour,
my path,
my path,
it’s my path that I’m following.

Scary darkness ahead,
but my little candle shall take me through,
I’m breaking out of my jail,
those chains can no longer hold my walking sticks,
watch me unveiling those hidden adventures,
watch closely,
learn to tell tales since my tale you shall tell.

From the bondage of procrastination,
from the ties of the nots,
from the valley of shyness,
from the tomb of can’ts,
away from the valley of shame,
I fly, I fly, I fly,
flying to the top of the cans’ tower,
diving across the pond of quitters,
see my head on the head side of the coin.

Hey you,
wishing to join in!!?,
come in,
let’s venture in this desert together,
if not,
then step out of my way,
your cold thoughts should not be my obstacles,
I want to explore beyond the blue,
surprises are what more of what I’m expecting,
let snakes bite and vultures’ craws on me,
never shall I die nor perish,
those will turn to scars and marks,
they will be shinning when I’m at the end of the my path.

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Encrusted Emotions Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Encrusted

Hardened From My Past

Encrusted emotions last

This wall can’t be passed



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Constant Faith Poem


via Daily Prompt: Constant

Lots of things  are subject to change, but not you

You’re the one thing in my life, that is constant and true

It may be tested, through our many trials

Faith is the fuel to this journey, for thousands of miles

Sustained this far, throughout my life

I’m convinced, I’ve been doing something right

Like That One Here’s AnotherAt War With Love

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No Compromise Love Poem | Poetry Inspired


via Daily Prompt: Compromise

There is no love,  without compromise

In a perfect world, but not this life

Going into the marriage, you knew the terms of the deal

Now everyday you make sacrifices, or that’s how you feel

And I really felt,  we had an understanding

I told you don’t listen, to your friends and family

Those distant whisper in your ear,  have you slipping away in fear

Like That One Here’s AnotherA Blues For Her Poem |Evi Koroni

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Stay Present Poem | Poetry Inspired


via Daily Prompt: Present

Each day I wake up, reminded life is a gift

So I am grateful, for each and every day that I live

Being present in mind, body, spirit and soul

There’s no time like now, don’t wait until your old

Don’t live in the past, or worry about the future

Unprogram these traits,  from your cerebral computer

Existing,  only in the state of now

That’s really what this life,  is all about

Bonus: Welcome Susan Marie


Welcome the incredibly talented Susan Marie, to the Poetry Inspired Team. She is a Spoken Word Poet, Writer, Author, Broadcast Journalist. Her website can be viewed directly at: SUSAN MARIE

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A Slave To Love Poem |Carrie Murphy


Give Me Courage Poem


via Daily Prompt: Courage

I have to be brave,  and face my fears

Look at the odds, this might be my year

We came into this world,  bold and courageous

Tapping into that energy, to make it contagious

Emanating  the boldness of the sun

I’m fighting this fight, I know can be won

Like That One Here’s AnotherMy Costume Poem

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My Costume Poem


via Daily Prompt: Costume

Each day we put on costumes, and cover up who we truly are

Fragments of dust, constructed from the stars

I will rise, and not conform

Keep my head high, and keep marching on

Live my life to the fullest, and not be driven by my wage

This is infinite wisdom, that’s way beyond my age

Like That One Here’s AnotherSuspicious Of Your Intentions Poem

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Suspicious Of Your Intentions Poem


via Daily Prompt: Suspicious

No time for false steps, or a sugar coated truth

I’m all in to this thing, but I don’t know about you

Lately, I’ve been suspicious of your intentions

Don’t forget that one thing, you don’t want me to mention

All this back and forth, is exasperating

Look at those big eyes, like i’m exaggerating

Only want you, to be the one I trust

Just tell me you’ll try, and never give up

Like That One Here’s AnotherDon’t Lecture Me Poem

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Don’t Lecture Me Poem


Via Daily Prompt: Lecture

Others, will always point out your flaws

Not trying to please others, don’t need a round of applause

Can’t lecture me, on how my life isn’t right

I’m giving my all, to win this fight

Only advice I seek, is from up above

Don’t lecture me, about my imperfections

All broken people, can’t make it without gods blessing

Like That One Here’s AnotherConjure Your Trust Poem

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Who made you  believe

difference is  disqualification?

Because you are surrounded by

those who call themselves normal?

When does comformity mean power

Authority using pressure

Establishing a square standard

Isolating the unfitted mark

whose scale can even measure

The width, the worth ,the honnor

The value of an individual?

You are allowed to be  anything

beyond  the colour of your skin

the colour of your season and its in between

the culture you grew in

Introvert or outgoing

whatever your gender, you are a human being

You have the right to be complicated or simple

married or single ,ordinary or special

The right to create yourself as you get older

To make mistakes ,succeed, to learn and discover

To believe or to doubt, to have an opinion

But nobody has the right , nor you nor anyone

to look down on  your neighbour

just because they don ‘t fit in your standard

How could you afford to judge  their worth?

The price is too high, your life is too short

So let’s give a proper space for groups , for loners

Finding freedom in respecting others

It takes practice

But this is  beauty without artifice

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