Stay Present Poem | Poetry Inspired


via Daily Prompt: Present

Each day I wake up, reminded life is a gift

So I am grateful, for each and every day that I live

Being present in mind, body, spirit and soul

There’s no time like now, don’t wait until your old

Don’t live in the past, or worry about the future

Unprogram these traits,  from your cerebral computer

Existing,  only in the state of now

That’s really what this life,  is all about

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A Slave To Love Poem |Carrie Murphy


Give Me Courage Poem


via Daily Prompt: Courage

I have to be brave,  and face my fears

Look at the odds, this might be my year

We came into this world,  bold and courageous

Tapping into that energy, to make it contagious

Emanating  the boldness of the sun

I’m fighting this fight, I know can be won

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My Costume Poem


via Daily Prompt: Costume

Each day we put on costumes, and cover up who we truly are

Fragments of dust, constructed from the stars

I will rise, and not conform

Keep my head high, and keep marching on

Live my life to the fullest, and not be driven by my wage

This is infinite wisdom, that’s way beyond my age

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Suspicious Of Your Intentions Poem


via Daily Prompt: Suspicious

No time for false steps, or a sugar coated truth

I’m all in to this thing, but I don’t know about you

Lately, I’ve been suspicious of your intentions

Don’t forget that one thing, you don’t want me to mention

All this back and forth, is exasperating

Look at those big eyes, like i’m exaggerating

Only want you, to be the one I trust

Just tell me you’ll try, and never give up

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Don’t Lecture Me Poem


Via Daily Prompt: Lecture

Others, will always point out your flaws

Not trying to please others, don’t need a round of applause

Can’t lecture me, on how my life isn’t right

I’m giving my all, to win this fight

Only advice I seek, is from up above

Don’t lecture me, about my imperfections

All broken people, can’t make it without gods blessing

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Conjure Your Trust Poem


via Daily Prompt: Conjure

Void of trust, from encounters of your past

I just want your conviction, is that to much to ask

With memories, that steal your faith in others

Can you conjure up your trust, if it can be discovered

I know that sometimes, we have to padlock our heart

For you, I’ll be the light you need in the dark

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Permission To Leave Poem


via Daily Prompt: Permit


In life, we need no permit to love

I hate being fake, we can’t keep this up

You act as though, I need permission to leave

I don’t argue with you, just to keep the peace

Although together, we are miles apart

Just consequences, of a broken heart

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Sympathize Poem | New Poetry Book

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize


A wrecking ball of emotions, I feel your pain

Support me, when my emotions are not the same

Although, in favor of my better days

I can feel your compassion, when i get this way

After all what’s love, if we don’t sympathize

it’s just sometimes, we fail to realize

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Jamaican Vacation Poem | Poetry Inspired


Sometimes we feel buried in problems, we all deserve a vacation

Head to the pristine beaches of Jamaica, for retuning our vibrations

Look no further for partying, than the Jamaican dance hall

At the moment the music hits, you feel no worries at all

Sit out on the water, relaxing in the breeze

Sipping margaritas, will put your mind at ease

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Indication of A Computerized Takeover Poem


via Daily Prompt: Inkling

Doubt there will be an inkling, of their computerized takeover

I’ll have to say the benefits, it gave the world its greatest makeover

Social media, technologies gift and curse

What was supposed to connect the world, made us outward introverts

Sophia admits, computer’s do everything much better

Just a little food for thought, these machines are really clever

I’m just saying if it happens, it won’t be of our own conception

Constantly underestimate them, will we ever learn our lesson

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Valentine’s Day Poem | Poetry Inspired


There’s no weapon, stronger than Cupid’s bow

Every Valentine’s day, love will be sure to let us know

That’s why I cherish your beauty, each and everyday

Life is a roller coaster of emotions, for you I’ve always felt this way

Fancy dinners at restaurants, go get dressed we have some plans

I may not have always been the best, but this year I’ll be the man

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Mysterious Life Poem


via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

I live an inscrutable life, impossible to understand

Won’t conform to rules, I drift with without ever making plans

I’ve set my spirit free, to move about the land

Can’t stand still for long, afraid of sinking in the sand

I don’t like playing by the rules, I’m living life out on the edge

Not walking cautiously through life,  that’s to narrow of a bridge

I’ve tried that once before, seeking a place where I belong

Now I dream up incomprehensible ideas, and then put them in a poem

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Depression A Deadly Disease| Tim Fox


A very beautiful poem on depression, that takes us inside the mind of a suicidal person. This is a very serious topic, that needs more attention. If you suffer from depression, or know someone who is suffering. Listen to this spoken word poem and share it with others. Times may be tough or you may be going through something, there is a support system, and network of people out there to who care for you deeply. The writer of this poem (Tim Fox) chose the perfect tone and uses great analogies to paint the picture of how people are affected by depression, but there is hope out there.


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A Birds Song Poem


via Daily Prompt: Trill

When I listen to the quavering sounds, that these birds sing

I can’t help,  but fall in love with spring

They chirp, as birds do often twitter

What a beautiful song,  they deliver

Just sit in silence,  and don’t say a peep

Those melodies, will put you off to sleep

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My Candid Lover Poem


via Daily Prompt: Candid

Let’s raise our glasses, and toast to the best

Love is a commodity, in which we need to invest

To happiness each year, if I’m being frank

Your more precious than metals, we store in a bank

To the woman who I love, can you be mine

For the rest of our lives, happy Valentines

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There’s A Strategy To Winning Poem


via Daily Prompt: Strategy

There’s a strategy to winning, since no one plans to loose

You have to know this game is rigged, to circumvent the rules

Be militant in how we move,  while mapping out our plans

Not complying with the rules, just for living on the land

No good way to play this game, it feels completely wrong

I’ll leave you with that final note,  I could go on and on

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In The Blink Of An Eye Poem


via Daily Prompt: Blink

Time passes, quicker than we can blink an eye

It may be difficult, but life is still a prize

As unpredictable,  as a roller coaster ride

Swifter, than the day turns into night

Enjoy life for what it is, not what it isn’t

Because once we blink, it will be gone in an instant

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Love Shock Poem


via Daily Prompt: Shock

I’m still in shock, after finding the truth about us

Jolted back to reality, it’s not what I thought it was

I guess you want to go out,  and try something new

When you return, I won’t be waiting on you

A caged bird,  wanting to be set free as a dove

This isn’t the behavior,  of someone in love

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Stay Agile Poem


via Daily Prompt: Agile

Be agile, cut burdens swift as a frigid breeze

Be nimble, so you can walk through life with ease

No certainty for happiness, still put this to the test

It’s much easier, to deflect your stress

Since now your painting a picture clear as day

Forget what others think, who always have something to say

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Exploiting Loopholes Poem


via Daily Prompt: Loophole

Life is a game,  what’s a game without hacks

And they exist, in the form of Loopholes in fact

Since many of us, won’t be able to access this knowledge

We’ve been exploited, without ever knowing about it

Like running a race, hands tied at our back

I’m just adding up how badly, the odds are stacked

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Entertain Poetry


via Daily Prompt: Entertain

I don’t even contemplate, the thought of poetry being just words

It’s really an expression of our spirit, waiting to be heard

Think about Poetry, as an extension of our inner self

Or a portrait of speech, that can be motivational help

Poetry can divert your thought, away from the pain

Onto personal growth,  and spiritual gain

Like That One Here’s AnotherFixed Life Poem | Poetry Inspired

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Carve Out Your Path Poem


via Daily Prompt: Carve

There are no certainties, in this thing called life

You have to carve out a path, to which you like

Tested with fire, and sometimes burned

Through the struggles in life, is how we learn

Each of us,  have a predestined path to greatness

That we figure out, as our spirit ages

Until we decide to take it,  will we be able to reach the stars

When we find out,  who we truly are

Like That One Here’s AnotherThe Way She Moves

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The Way She Moves


via Daily Prompt: Undulate

She moves effortlessly, to the pulsing beat

let her body flow, and then repeat

So caught up,  in the way she moves

How she catches the beat, while she grooves

I can feel her vibrations, ripple across my body

without even trying, she already got me

Like That One Here’s AnotherBrilliant Woman Poem

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Brilliant Woman Poem


via Daily Prompt: Brilliant

She was exceptionally clever

I don’t think I’ve met no one like her, ever

So beautiful and radiant, almost brighter than a star

Such a brilliant woman, and sure did play the part

Voice was so alluring, I found myself intoxicated

Describing a woman, that I probably should of dated

A successful powerful woman, who is always on my mind

Counting seconds that pass, trying to make the most of your time

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Miserable Love Poem


via Daily Prompt: Forlorn

Forlorn, is a good way to describe our love

Still a growing coldness, in your touch

There’s so much space, between us now

Try to figure out, how this came about

I can feel the distance, as we grow apart

All this separation, between our hearts

So miserable, we lost a love that can’t be found

Just a roller coaster ride, of ups and downs

Like That One Here’s AnotherChannel Positive Vibes Poem

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A Trip To The Philippines Poem


On your next vacation, take a trip to the Philippines
Full of history and culture, all sorts of things
From the shopping malls, to the beautiful beaches
A fun filled time, is what is what this country unleashes
Go have a blast, with some of the happiest people
Especially, to those who need a break as much as we do

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Channel Positive Vibes Poem

via Daily Prompt: Funnel


We a have to convey a message of positivity

Understand the world is only crazy, if we let it be

With all this negative energy, being channeled to the masses

Just having positive vibes, could keep the world from becoming classless

Convey your creative thoughts to others, through doing what you like

The world will only become better, once we pass along our positive vibes

Like That One Here’s Another: Passion | Poetry Inspired

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Passion | Poetry Inspired


Be passionate, about what you love

Even when others doubt, never give up

Whether it’s your choice of career, and having goals

Running the rat race, or grabbing for the pot of gold

Even when it comes to your intimate life

Being passionate, wins you the things you like

Like That One Here’s Another: My Love This New Year

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My Love This New Year


She was as sharp as a broken bulb, but brighter than the light

More than a memory, she’s the love of my life

Hips that roll, like the ocean waves

I’ll spend my new years thinking, about those good old days

How we would dance, in the darkness of night

Until we had forgotten, all our problems in life

I know where not supposed to look back

But it’s hard not to, when the best thing you knew is still in the past

Like That One Here’s AnotherFresh Start Poem

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Fresh Start Poem


After 365 days of ups and downs, start and stop

With each new year, we reset our clock

After Every bad relationship, there’s a better one ahead

Sometimes a fresh start, can be a safe bet

Even after loosing it all, to the trials of life

Renewing your spirit, can make it feel right

Like That One Here’s Another: Patience Spoken Word Poem


Atlanta Zoo Poem


via Daily Prompt: Zoo

Lions and tiger’s and bears, oh my

It’s the perfect day to go out, just look at the sky

Whether Zebra, lion,  monkey or panda

They all can be found at zoo in Atlanta

Like That One Here’s AnotherSingularity Poem | Poetry Inspired

Daily Prompt: Snippet


via Daily Prompt: Snippet

Seems the wall are collapsing,  all around us

Trusting government, and a pool of debt is where we wound up

All these broken hearts,  and shattered dreams

This land of the free,  is not what it seems

It’s a snippet of hope, I think we need

In a world,  consumed by chaos and greed

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The Future Poem | Poetry Inspired


One hundred years from now, we’ll have colonies in space

Masters of time travel, and a forever youthful face

Geo engineering,  will probably be our biggest threat

The only problem with scientists, is most create without regret

Flash forward to the future, generations yet to come

Playing God with the weather, should never have been done

We need cleaner energy, play our individual role

Stop messing with our lives, they weren’t meant to be controlled

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Like That One Here’s AnotherSpecial Love Poem | Poetry Inspired

Special Love Poem | Poetry Inspired


via Daily Prompt: Particular

This particular woman, left much to discover

She was deeper, than a philosophy class could cover

So remarkable, her hips cut like the finest of Diamonds

This world was a jungle, she needed a lion

You could get lost in her eyes, even travel for days

Sometimes, it’s hard not to let her have it her way

She is exceptional, I think you all know what I mean

It’s like I’m asleep, and don’t want to be awoke from this dream

Like That One Here’s AnotherHavana Poem | Poetry


The Goofy Smile Poem | Poetry Inspired


via Daily Prompt: Droll

She was droll with laughter

With a sense of humor, as though nothing mattered

A smile,  that could melt away worries

She moved effortless, and in no hurry

We would sit at the house, and joke for hours

Who would of thought,  laughter  could have so much power

Like That One Here’s AnotherPainted With Wolnrds | Poetry Inspired

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The Sound Of Music Poem


via Daily Prompt: Riff

Music without poetry,  is just a riff

Modern day tunes, are soulless and stiff

No heartfelt story,  to touch your soul

The sound of pop,  is very cold

Impossible to doubt, the words in this verse

I’d say today’s music, has to be cursed

There’s no way around it, that’s just what it is

Music without poetry,  is just a riff

Like That One Here’s AnotherInto Darkness Poem | Poetry Inspired

Thirst Trapping Poem


A phenomenon, that still dominates the web

Half naked women, trying to copy celebs

Snap chatting pics, they’ll probably regret

Instagram photos, to show off their body

Not saying their wrong, but it’s become a hobby…

Like That One Here’s AnotherInto Darkness Poem | Poetry Inspired


Sorry Not Sorry Poem


Since we don’t talk anymore, I’ve become an island impossible to reach

Walls of steel, impossible to breach

No time for people, so full of hate

When lately, I’ve been working on just being great

No time for apologies, so sorry not sorry

Just focused on success, no time to worry…

Like That One Here’s AnotherHavana Poem | Poetry Inspired

Diamonds Are Forever

We spend most of our lives, trying to source the rarest diamonds

Since we all want the best, I figure why not

Some spend forever searching, for that special gem

Seems like a perpetual cycle, that never ends

Just seeking a love, that goes way beyond friends

But it’s exhausting, just thinking of all the wasted time spent

I finally found it, a polished diamond that shines

After all of this searching, you will forever be mines

Like That One Here’s Another:Netflix And Chill Poem

Netflix And Chill Poem | Poetry Inspired

It’s that time of year, you just want to relax in the heat

Binge watching shows, with good food to eat

The emotional connection, just being close to the fire

With a beautiful woman, is something all men desire

Indulging in the nostalgia, of our significant other

I hear those three words, let’s Netflix and chill from a woman… I’ll love her

Like That One Here’s Another: Ammunition Love Poem

Ammunition Love Poem | Poetry Inspired

Load up my gun, time to take my shot

I’m talking about a metaphor, for the only chance that I’ve got

There is no time to be nervous, with my finger on the trigger

I hear take your shot, in the faintest of whispers

As I walk up to her, I gather my nerves

Excuse me beautiful, I hope this works

I really want to take you out, you know on a date

She responds, “I can tell that your nervous… pick me up around eight”

Like That One Here’s Another:Poetry Inspired Poem

Poetry Inspired Poem

Poetry is inspired, by all sorts of things in life

It can be a mini story, we sometimes write

Like loosing someone we love, who really cares

Sometimes, it’s creative ideas we want to share

Most importantly, poetry cannot be defined by a single word

It can be the most sad, or beautiful thing we ever heard

It’s contagious, and spreads rapidly like a raging fire

The only thing left to do, is be Poetry Inspired

Like That One Here’s Another: Love Is Selfish Poem

Love is Selfish | Poetry Inspired

Love is full of compromises, no winner’s in this game

Most have felt the consequence of love, called pain

Just a series of wins and losses

Forever giving up something, is what it cost us

If we call it like we see it, then love is Selfish

So why chase love, we just can’t help it

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Daily Prompt: Sunny Life Poem

via Daily Prompt: Sunny


You don’t go blind, from looking on the bright side

As kids we like daylight, more than the night time

We had dreams of a bright and successful future

Not being stuck behind the screen of a computer

As always, there’s a promise of a sunlit tomorrow

Just visualizing the sunny life, can keep us from sorrow

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The Paragon of Life


So consumed by life, while achieving success

Never stopping, or excepting nothing less

It’s a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs

For most a hidden treasure, that has yet to be found

Success, one of the many qualities of life

Never stop trying to achieve, unforeseeable heights

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via Daily Prompt: Paragon




Without A Trace Poem |Poetry Inspired

via Daily Prompt: Trace


Some people show up in your life, with bad intentions undetected

So that must be why, we keep padlocks on heart to stay protected

The stain of bad intentions, could leave your heart tainted

Such a grim picture, that was so masterfully painted

Your left holding your heart in your hand, as you stare into space

Wondering how they could show up in your life, then disappear without a trace

Like That One Here’s Another: Buff Poem | Poetry Inspired

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Are Vaccines Safe Poem


It’s widely believed that the influx in autism diagnosis, is linked to forced vaccination

I’m not trying discredit this industry, this is purely for public education

Numbers indicate, that Autism rates are now  1 in 68, up 30% in the last two years

You would think doctors would caution users of the risk, but instead, kick vaccines in higher gear

In a industry barely regulated, by FDA and CDC, you get leaders committing criminal acts

Who instead act on personal interest, protecting industry policy, and covering up facts

Protect your children, friends, community, don’t support the medical complex, do your research

Excise your free will, a constitutional right, that was god given at birth

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Chicken Poem


Crispy and seasoned, deep-fried real good 

I want me some chicken, that taste like it should 

crunchy and tender, all white meat inside 

and a cup of kool-aid, will hit the spot just right 

Then i’d jump in the bed, and call it a night 

But Man that chicken, ain’t nowhere in sight 

Like That One Here’s AnotherJamaican Vacation Poem

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A Blues For Her Poem |Evi Koroni


Stop talking, leave me alone.
Keep the silence, let me catch the sun.
I watch her. A smile, that smile
that’s a strong reason to life.
This is the day, the noon, the sunset, the midnight.
Oh god, she looks so frail
I’m afraid to touch her.
Questions are torturing my mind today
and keep me awake all the night.
How is her kiss?
How is her walk?
How is her breath when she is sleeping?
In the evening, is she embrace her pillow;
or not; Is she laugh when she is sleep; or not;
Stop talking, none talk to me now
Keep the silence, let me dream that sun.

by Evi  Koroni

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Poem by Heather Maria



Natural is the light of her own serenity
Sweet to the emotion of time, her essence of love is captured in the strength she has always known
Verifying the truth with blissful enthusiasm, she flows, flowering the wisdom of beyond and lifting us to the seduction of a dream like presence

Like That One Here’s AnotherA New Moon and the Promise of Spring |Susan Marie

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A New Moon and the Promise of Spring |Susan Marie

Susan Marie

Spoken Word Poet, Writer, Author, Broadcast Journalist.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A New Moon and the Promise of Spring

You can listen to this being spoken on Soundcloud:
” . . . and I heard trumpets sound across the Eastern skyline and tilted my chin, upward, to witness majestic cirrus constellations of sketches of ancient poetry of the pyramids scrolled upon the backs of my eyelids and felt my spirit shift between dimensions . . . “

– Susan Marie

There comes a time in your life, not age, but life experience related, when you are one hundred percent, beyond any spectrum that requires defining; where you absolutely refuse to accept anything less than what your divine, beautiful soul needs and deserves.

There are poets, philosophers, great thinkers and souls of our time; this human race, that have stated these things profoundly before. Yet, here I am to reiterate those things in a different fashion because I, too, am an awake, alive soul that wishes to continue forward and progressing,together. 

If the human race is not ready to come along with me on this rocky, well-trodden, lovely path, well, I simply continue to walk it alone. You see, you do not have to have anyone with you, although having another understand your mind, soul, and the scent of your very being is precious, quite priceless and rare, there are no requirements. I may add, however, my dear soul, please, do not wait for a hand to hold as you step lightly into this deep forest called life.

Life is a strange and beauteous adventure.  One day I shall write a most distinguished book full of love and loss, horror and pain, heartbreak and healing, and absolute divinity, but for now, all I have are my fingers, palms, hands, heart, soul, mind and my words, on this day, in this moment.

A lovely soul once wrote:

Ordinarily, I go to the woods alone, with not a single
friend, for they are all smilers and talkers and therefore

I don’t really want to be witnessed talking to the catbirds
or hugging the old black oak tree. I have my way of
praying, as you no doubt have yours.

Besides, when I am alone I can become invisible. I can sit
on the top of a dune as motionless as an uprise of weeds,
until the foxes run by unconcerned. I can hear the almost
unhearable sound of the roses singing.

If you have ever gone to the woods with me, I must love
you very much.”

– Mary Oliver


People ask me to go into the woods with them and I do not decline due to the person, quite the opposite. When I am in nature, this is my church, my altar, my prayer, my being, and my rejuvenation and healing. This is where I talk to my ancestors, the great Gods, whoever they all are, and when I reconnect with my own being.

The trees, I hug, touch, and listen to what they have to tell me. Deer prance, stopping beside me, peering into my soul to see if I am indeed an animal just as they are or a human that is going to disturb their existence. The crows caw, flying overhead keeping watchful eye and the squirrels and ducks follow me, along with chipmunks and all of the glorious birds flitting among the plants and flora that convey secrets to my ever-accepting heart.

I walk through woods, water, cemeteries, grassland and gravel, boulders and dirt, through and up ravines. I am one with the pulse of this land, of those before us. I am listening to my heart, beat, and my feet; they are roots pushing deep within fault lines of this planet.

They step, ever so lightly, my feet, in a most blessed, sacred fashion upon the face of dear Mother Earth, one of mindfulness, the realization that I am walking upon hallowed ground. Father Sky greets me with sunshine and clouds, rain and grey skies, snowfall and flakes and as they fall upon my face, the rain and snow, my spirit is ignited, mythical and volcanic. 

If you were standing by me, it may appear that I am present in this world. You just might call my name and if I do not answer, know that I am peering at salamanders, holding in my hands rocks taken from the breast of great bodies of water and when I tilt my chin upwards know that I am speaking to that which created all of this.

You see, my dear, the wind in my hair is the touch of a lover. 

People, we discard what is integral to our own existence, to this planet, to the continuation of the human race and more importantly, we are visitors here. I implore you to get into nature and simply be quiet. Open your eyes, look up and into limbs of trees, for they too, are your own arms. Crouch down low, watch bugs scramble about their day in the dirt, listen to the water for she has stories to tell and be humbled beyond comprehension when wildlife is present. Breathe into your powerful human lungs the very being of the essence of all things our feeble human brains can barely begin to comprehend.

For those that have gone into nature with me know that I love you so very much. For those that have yet to go into nature with me, I look forward to introducing you to yourself.

“I am restless.

This state of being greets me in times of immense change.

When I look out at the world, I see my both technicolor and black and white, simultaneous.

A world I am fully conscious of, yet do not completely belong in.

Maybe I am impatient. Maybe I am growing more enlightened.

Maybe I am simply plain crazy.

All I am sure of is I must keep stepping forward.” 

– Susan Marie

© Susan Marie