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It’s important to establish, these times are dark

Everyone full of hatred, no compassion at heart

While vanity and isolation, makeup our digital world

There are others, who will kill for diamonds and pearls

Out of control government, controlling our life

Consumed by war, racism and greed

So much evil, it’s hard to believe

Only God, can lead us back to the light

Let’s pray for our neighbors, day and night

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the first day I was taken to kindergarten and I cried so much

the day I went with my grandparents and sister on my first boat trip to the island

the day I said goodbye to my grandparents at the airport

the day my mum took me to my new school when I was six

the day I wore colored attire as an eight year old in my new primary school and I was the odd one out

the day my grandma came back from hawaii and bought candies and stuffed toys and I knew all was going to be ok

when I had my first crush and it was a weird and a beautiful feeling combined

all the friends I made throughout my school years, catching the school bus after school

the days we’d go shopping with my grandma and I would sleep on the bus ride back coz I was so tired

the regular hangouts, milkshake bar, bun shops and jam rolls eatery we would stop in

looking at all the nice toys I wish I had, but we couldn’t afford it so I wouldn’t ask her

the Sunday morn she would wake us up to get ready for church with no excuses given

the early and afternoon Prayers was a must that I grew up with even when I didn’t fully understand why

how she would take good care of me when I got sick and pray for me to get better soon

the village trips I always looked forward to, meeting the cousins, swiming and eating mangoes and I would plead to stay little longer 😢

when times were hard, when there was no food or the bills were due, and GOD always came through somehow when my grandma Prayed

rainy days and I always felt safe and warm at home with a cup of cocoa and watching cartoons

when I read my first Nancy Drew book and I was so hooked & became a bookworm for Life

when music and cramming lyrics to songs frothe backstreet boys, britney spears and Nsync was the in thing 😅

“You are my fire the one desire” 🎶

when life was carefree and social media was unheard of

no internet no bebo, hi 5 or facebook in those days, when it was outdoor games with the neighbourhood kids & chores

when I received my first love/ crush letter at 15 and I just melted with weakness and happiness

when christmas was about christ’s birth, family, food especially my grandma’s secret fruit pie

the New Years church service, me in my colorful attire counting down till 12

and then looking forward to heading back to school in the new year 😊


Those were the priceless childhood upbringing that made me

All the experiences & people that have shaped me one way or the other

Yes I Remember like it was yesterday 😀

By TadraLife

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Author Bio: Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

An accomplished writer with many accolades including, New York Times best-selling author, book of the year by  Writer’s League Of Texas. This is her seventh book of poetry, sure to stir up your thoughts and feelings. When not on tour Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz lives and writes in Austin, TX with her husband, the novelist Ernest Cline and their family.

How To Love The Empty Air

This book How To Love The Empty Air, brings you inside of the writers life. Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz has the ability paint verbal pictures with her words. This book is phenomenal, the way each poem feels like it’s an individual story. Very relatable, emotional with an appropriate amount of humor sprinkled throughout. Love her short poem about money, and Roll Call to finish it off it’s simply brilliant. Perfect gift for poet enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a great read. Purchase How To Love The Empty Air 🌟



via Prompt: Partake

We partake in Love

And sometimes it’s bitter sweet

Yet it’s still a treat

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Sure we all use money, but do we understand what it is

Whether it’s used in commerce, or simply a gift

It’s the assets, property and resources collected by others

Maybe some sort of treasure, that’s rarely discovered

Now let’s not forget, about crypto currency

A shortage of this, creates an economic emergency

The consequence of capitalism, has always been greed

Now a corporation controls, both you and me

Life, is now a board game of monopoly

Where the banker rules, by controlling the economy

Except in this game, nothing happens by chance

We live life on the go, but hardly advance

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via Prompt: Authentic

Show me, a love that’s real

Show me,  emotions that I can feel

Show me, the warmth of your embrace

Show me that glowing, smile on your face

Show me an authentic love

More gentle, than the softest dove 🕊️

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via Daily Prompt: Parallel

Like parallel lines, we stand side by side

Can’t stand to loose you, the best thing in my life

When life gets you down, just know that I’m here

The moment you cry, I’ll wipe away tears

Like parallel lines, if our paths never crossed

You’d be the best thing, that I ever lost

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I wrote this poem to say that I’m sorry

For years now, I’ve made you worry,

I’ve caused pain and destruction that I can never take back!

And I’ve spent a lot of time angry at you,

for not understanding where I was at.

Somewhere down the road I took a wrong turn,

Got lost in the snow,

And didn’t know which way to go,

I gave up on myself; is the God’s honest truth,

And I didn’t stop to think how painful that was for you!

I know life is hard and we all have our scars,

But I can only speak for me, my soul was behind bars!

Not realising the prison was one I had built alone,

But to get to a place where you decide you no longer care,

Isn’t somewhere anyone gets to alone,

So now, through poetry,,my story, I choose to share

Because I need to believe,

there was a reason I ended up there..


I hate myself for what I’ve done to you all

And I know that pain well, I’ve felt it times two!💔

I know some of the stuff I say you won’t like!

But I feel like I was given a gift, to stand up and fight!

To let other people know they too can find light,

And the only reason that I’m here today,

Is because people stood by me in spite of my mistakes

People believed I could be so much more,

When all I wanted to do was just walk out the door!

Loving me, when I didn’t love myself,

I know was no easy chore.

Its frustrating loving someone

Who thinks they’re rotten to the core!

You would scream ”Are you blind?? Maybe you have gone and lost your mind. If you can’t see what I can see, then you’re not as smart as you claim to be”

Negativity and cynicism is like a kind cancer,

It eats away deep within making you think you’ve lost the answer,

It took far too many days to make see the error of my ways,

And it’s gonna take a few more,

Before I finally win the war,

The war that rages deep within,

That reminds me, it’s time to let go of what’s been,

The war my hearts fighting to the death,

Against an enemy that wants to steal my last breath!

Written by C. Murphy © 2018


Winter, doesn’t seem to lose her grip

So those Sunshine Blue Sky’s, we long for it

Soaking in rays, of the summer sun

To a city with a beach, us tourist will come

Oh how the birds sing, as they soar through the sky

Let’s live our life like those birds, floating up high

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via Prompt: Fret

No need to worry, just keep your faith

Know that God, holds the key to those heavenly gates

Through our works, we receive his mark on our head

It is our duty, to keep his commandments until death

God knows our needs, so do not be concerned

Find the truth in his book, when we seek we shall learn

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Ebony skin so smooth, I get lost in the dark

Without making copy, she owns the key my heart

The confidence, that exudes from her eyes

She’s a beautiful black woman, that’s full of pride

Keep your head held high, my ebony queen

Don’t listen to jokers, you deserve a king

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rsz_pexels-photo-256711 (1)

via Daily Prompt: Song

I still wish,  that we could sings our song

Love is gone, and your memories will linger on

I’m guilty, of singing our fading tune

Of a love, once hot as the end of June

My feelings  for you, don’t know how to end

Because we were more than lovers, we were also friends

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Small Miracles

Take your fistful of misery

hypnotize the crowd

with your fake smoke


lava tears

poetic disputes


pose on your marble staircase

retell your old story

bore us with news talks and deaths

of all the things

we don’t care about.


People like you

make being alone

a blessing.

By @christinastriga

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Gregarious and bound by acceptance, he yearned for simplicity.

Longing understanding through rational honesty is my picturesque reality.

Yet I know the fountain of my youth is in my heart.

Bleeding for normality in absentia

I want you to know i want your remembrance.

I want you to remember my face forever

My tears bleed memories of setting sun bike rides for ice cream cones and memory slides. I’m like a walking polaroid, memories keep me strong and devoid of stress.

Im okay with distance over time causing spatial tension,

I digress my insult on your being,

To ease our lengthy regression

I also accept my part in the calamity

Perfection equates to no man,

Like ignorance is above no one

As the rain that bears down upon us

We shelter each other like umbrellas would.

Unity isnt far when we’re joyful

Acceptance makes us whole

Brings together the love

And fuels the soul.

I have so much knowledge to pass on

I gained much from you

Never will I forget your stolen truth,

Your mind and your forgotten youth

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I write poems in a way, that transcend time

To change the way, we use our mind

I write with hopes, that I will inspire

Each poem, with the passion of a raging fire

Only write, to show how powerful the mind is

And hope, that my work is timeless

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Often nights I just lay in my bed,

As each of my thoughts becomes a beat,

Until eventually they all link together into an enthralling, soothing rhythm

And that’s when your name makes its way through my mind in the sweetest symphony,

So calm and tranquil,

As if you were whisking me through the breath of life;

The lullaby of the cool rain hushes me to sleep.

And that’s when I can hear your guitar playing from heavens pearly gates,

The rain comes down harder in a torrent,

And I can feel your presence kissing my skin with every drop.


By: Christina Bruno


Color of Days
Days fly by as quickly as they come
seven days of every week
each day different from the other
sunny, cloudy,rainy, hot and dry
each day a character & story of its own
memories of those good old days remind you of the past
think of the present and Dream the future
you can’t only see colors but feel colors of what each day brings
bright, dull, and sweet scented
All colors of nature wherever you look
what any given day brings no matter how you feel
color of days can remind you to be greatful always
color of days stays

By TadraLife

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Easter Friday:
chorus of songs echo through the night
songs of anguish, sadness, and joy
churches are filled on a Thursday night
stars ignite like never before the night sky never looked more darker and magnificent
stillness everywhere as Easter draws near and when morn comes there’s a calm
the sun peaks over the horizon no waking bird is heard, silence is all around then its broken
a choir from a distane breaks out with a song
the melody of voices begin to sing
lower at first but now stronger
as it fills the ears of early risers
all that hear listen with awe
such splendor, such singing, such a message
the breeze begins to sway to the chorus as it wraps its warmth around me
I half wake to the song but its too early so I slump back on my pillow
as the chorus echoes slowly away now at a distant
the only song now heard is in my head
on a beautiful yet cool Easter morn
The power of the old rugged cross symbolises the love that GOD had for his people
The true meaning of Easter 🐣

By TadraLife

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Dance In The Moonlit Night
In the moonlit night

We dance to the tune of heartbeats

The daffodils and red roses scatter scent

The fire flies sparkle the moment

The soothing music of crickets

Cool breeze of spring in the garden

What else can we ask for a perfect date

just you and me holding each other

the love tangle

I see compassion in your eyes

I rest my head on your shoulder

We keep moving to the rhythm of shadowy trees

Only other sound is our breaths

not a word is spoken but

All is understood

You and me

Like two swans dancing in the pool

Soft grass under the feet

A feel not a costliest carpet can give

I wish I could drench in  your masculine smell

your short subtle breath ruffles my hair

your lazy movements and carefree attitude

The warmth of your nearness and the secure feeling

Where the dream and reality meet

Oh! how I wish this could go on and on

By dharkanein

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Tears Fade

A young girls Dream shattered
her Life a sudden downpour of rain
her emotions soaked by the realization of death
as the rain waters the earth, her sorrow and pain reigns over her
so sudden and so soon life has come to an end yet so young
she reminisce of her past life and things taken for granted
she feels rotten and decayed, eaten up by a force greater than she is
endless tears shed all day long, lying in her bed dreading the worst
In the midst of it all hope flickers in the dark
Hope that she’s never felt before overcomes her
through the tears courage is found
to believe in the power of healing
fading tears are endless but endurance is the key
though still fighting one day tears of hers shall fade
destiny at hand it shall come to pass

By TadraLife

*Dedicated to everyone fighting a battle and never giving up!

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Behind the tender lips

sewn with a  fragile thread

lies your favorite speech

made of the sharpest blade

behind the tender lips

using love as excuse

Your tongue is a flying fist

signing my bluest bruise

Behind my tender lips

I swore in silent tone

to calm the raging beast

that turns my heart to stone

behind my tender lips

The most bitter taste

I wince and swallow the ink

which on the paper I paste

A black and white stain

on this paper heart

illustrates all the pain

I need to garbage out


originally posted on my website:https: //mypuzzleheart.wordpress.com/


via Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

Dear future generations, I hope it’s not to late

Crushed by the burden, of carrying this weight

A slight wrinkle in time, just enough for change

You won’t like the outcome, if things remain the same

Through my poems, I’ve been trying to heal the pain

Working day and night, I just hope it’s not in vain

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A ten-year old child
was writing a piece of poetry!
Hiding inside in his bathroom,
away from the glare of his parents and his relatives,
he was writing about the feeling of love!
The feeling of love he felt
towards one of his classmates..
He wrote about the stars,the moon,
the wind, how the sublime beauty
of nature is related
to the beauty of that friend!
after he finished the poem he folded
the piece of paper and hid that
inside one of his books!
Next day he gave the poem
to his friend whom he loved!
When we watch from a distance,
from her angry reaction!
we can understand she did not
approve his action..,
The boy was crest fallen
In front of his eyes,
his world has been broken
He thought he had done a great crime!

It is again night-time..
the girl opens her note book
and takes out that paper!
there that poem smiles at her innocently!
It is a poem of pure love!
With uncontrollable thirst..
she reads through that poem!
after reading she crushes that paper
inside her fist and throws it out through the window!
Her eyes are filled with tears!
she cries bitterly, she is uncontrollable!!
Tears wash through her painful soul!
Unfortunately she is born into a world
where love is considered a taboo,
or a sign of weakness!

Out in the open a vegetable vendor
picks up that piece of paper!
He reads through those lines!
Lines that speak of nature and love!!
After reading the poem..
he gives a wry, sarcastic smile and
throws away that paper!
He continues his walk,
pushing the empty vegetable cart
through the darkening night!
and stops near a hooch shop!
as his terrified family awaits in his home,
waiting for that drama of violence
which unfolds everyday on his arrival back home!
But today,
he looks at the moon, then those smiling stars,
the cool breeze blowing and
of the loved ones waiting in his home!
once when love existed in his life
how happy he was he thought about those lines
in the poem and continued pushing his empty cart past the
hooch shop today he decided he will reach home
not as a drunkard ,but as father and a husband!

The piece of paper carrying the poem
was blown by the wind and it reached
the feet of a middle-aged man!
He was out on the roads ,on a Saturday evening,
after a nasty brawl with his working wife!
Saturday evenings are always the time
when both of them lets off their pent-up feelings
and frustrations at work!
For him his world has ended
And the city stares at him as one whole
dark, emptiness!!
As he stands there watching the stenchy drainage
flowing through the gutters…
the crushed piece of paper is blown towards his feet!
He picks up the paper and reads the poem
The starry eyes, the dimpled cheeks,
The brightening smile!
The first touch of love!
Through those lines, the innocence of nature
and of that cute little girl and the
expressions of pure love smiles at him!
He rushes home ..and shows the poem
to his angry wife..she reads and tears it off!
But a few moments later..
The emotions flying out through those blissful lines..
as starry little Angels casts a spell on her!
she reaches her husband,smiles and tells
“let us forgive and forget”
as they are locked in an inseparable embrace..
The dump founded husband’s eyes searches for that paper
The paper which bore..
the torn pieces of that poem!

©Ashok Nairm

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I wish I could  word the unexplainable

Reach the  unattainable

be able but I can’t

at least not for  the moment

I won t go  defensive

I ve been unexpressive about my other self

renounced  seeking for help

to raise my white flag

when on the battlefield

I am already dead even before being killed

When I open my eyes assuming it is another day

I  find myself armed

in the same battlefield

Sometimes I make it through

this is how I am presented to you


originally posted on my website :https://mypuzzleheart.wordpress.com/

pexels-photo-256546.jpegCaught unawares

We consume each other’s air


frazzled, needy and broken

Far from innocent

I’m well aware

In spite of everything that’s been and gone

Being in your arms again, I felt warm

But once again, ha!

When will I learn

Cold …


And then you were gone!

Not before a beautifully Articulated denigration of me of course!

Maybe you’re real love is the


Triangulation is all fun and games for you

It’s easy to see what you’re all about now…

The three furies





Punishing others for crimes you know well

What you see is what you get

And now I finally see who you aare!

But your opinion has no face to me.

It no longer has any power!

Because I know exactly what I am!

It’s just a shame that after all this time…you don’t..

Humans are beautiful twisted kaleidoscopes

We don’t have secret shadows that need to be outted and shouted

We have hidden colours and patterns that when focused on and nourished,become the most beautiful sights to behold!

Written by C. Murphy © 2018

“Only by acceptance of the past can you alter it.” — T.S. Eliot


via Daily Prompt: Uncompromising

A beautiful mind, she never asked to be equal

Uncompromising in her ways, there was really no need to

She used passion, to fuel her drive to success

With more ambition, than almost anyone else

So determined,  she can reach the sky

Why would she ever compromise

The Uncompromising Woman, she gets her way

Remember stay strong, this International Women’s day

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“I hate boys”

she repeated in her heart and out loud

“I hate boys”

when she was a kid

“I love boys”

she repeated in her heart and out loud

“I love boys”

when she was a teen

“I am afraid of men”

she repeated in her heart and out loud

“I am afraid of them”

she was in her twenties

“I need men”

“I am still afraid of them, but not of those I am close

I still hate them , but not those I am close

I care for them

because I know they do the same”

She is a woman, she doesn ‘t need a special attention

but a different attention

She ll never ask for equality

but respect her with her ability

She will never steal the men’s task

But she may help if she was asked.

To be continued….

originally posted on my website :@mypuzzleheart




Without my pain I’d be living life in the slow lane

Pretending I’m happy, living life in misery

Condesention thrown around ”some of us have bills to pay”

My bad, I forgot, all my shit is free

Apparently I won this thing they call the ’free life’ lottery

Because I don’t have bills or need food to eat

And don’t get me started on the dog

She eats better than me

But here I am thinking ’I’m so privileged’ to aim so high, I only have one question, why can’t I reach the sky?

Call me a rebel, I’ll be the black sheep

Im not afraid to walk away from a job that makes me weep

The last time I checked im not judging you, calling you ”dumb” to keep walking in them shoes

Everyday a slog, you despise the job

But you stay for what? pay

Life is so much more than money

When you start hitting the bottle to cope

Do you still think dreams are funny!

This world is obsessed, everyone must conform

If you dont, you see the looks, ”clearly this one’s deformed”

I spent way too many years letting those opinions keep me down

Making me think ’losing my way’ was a reason to put myself in the ground

But now all of a sudden I’m dreaming dreams too big;

rein it in”

get back in your lane”

don’t you remember what you did?”

When I’m down, you’re screaming at me, that my past does not define me

But heaven forbid I get up, now ”the past is all I’ll be”

Once you’re in the gutter,

Hell, that’s where you need to stay

”I love you ’n all but society decides the way”

The truth is inconvenient, people don’t want it pointed out

And God forbid you start making waves with the stuff you dare to shout

Why is it that those closest to you wish you’d just learn behave?

They don’t look at you, telling the truth, and think ”dam that person is brave”

In fact your words make them want to climb into a cave

Somehow the world has evolved, where the person telling the truth ’should be ashamed’

Yet no one batts an eyelid about a SINGLE THING behind the pain

The lucky duck that caused the damage remains unproclaimed

Why is no one angry at the truth that you have told?

Yet they’re plenty angry at you daring to be so bold!

Sadly for the haters, I’m afraid this is just the start

If I could make just one person believe, that would simply melt my heart

Because I remember the feeling of being in so much agony

Thinking that leaving planet Earth would be the only relief for me

But I’m bringing the truth out of the shadows

It’s time the ’real monsters’ faced the gallows

Stop caring about those that don’t like what you say

Hold on to that dream that maybe.. One day

Someone will sit down, and really feel the shit you say

That connecting with your words will make them stay another day! ❤️


An Inconvenient Truth

written by C. Murphy © 2018


via Daily Prompt: Fact

Give me,  fact over fiction

No flaws,  in my vision

The truth is more comfortable, than a bed of lies

In dark times, the truth is my light inside

Facts are the essential things, we know are real

True emotions, are the best ones you’ll ever feel

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via Daily Prompt: Branch

We are but an extension, of our inner self

Which often, lends a hand to help

Branches, stemming from a tree

Our spirit, gives a lens to see

As we grow, and strengthen our soul

You learn, we originated from that,  which makes us whole

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Exposed in the spotlight

a countless pair of eyes, like  hungry  arrows

I am the target

they are all expectant ,waiting to be spoonfed  with a show

Applause was needed to earn

all the time invested,

the love and affection

energy lost in rehearsal

Back on the scene , I once used to enjoy

Now doubt fills my soul

A move,  disobedient

A failed performance

made the  unsatisfied audience

throw their arrows

ripped me with everything I knew and owned

With only dignity left, I left the scene

wounded, bleeding


I am not coming back

I wanna be left unrecognised for the rest of the world

and only sing  for those who deserve

myself and my beloved ones

who will throw laughters ,mocking and loving words

when I happen to fall again

And I would keep on falling for them



Originally posted on my website: @mypuzzleheart  Come visit ❤


via Daily Prompt: Typical

As men we watch sports, and play games

Often, trying to bury our pain

We have to be strong, support and provide

Never show tears, since real men don’t cry

Just random facts, about the typical guy

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Written by Carrie Murphy

“Here is a simple technique…”

“It’s a really simple technique…”

“This simple technique that will change your life…”

If I hear the phrase ‘simple technique’ one more time, Im going to grab that phrase and smash it into a million little pieces!

I will then settle down, amidst the chaos and rubble. And calmly say…

Ok simple technique,

I have a really simple technique for you to stick yourself back together again!

All you have to do is follow this really simple technique and those pieces of you will start to connect and make sense of the world again.

Every one of those smashed up pieces will join forces in a battle to survive.

And amazingly,

You will become whole again!

But I wonder, now that it’s you smashed that is into a million little pieces….

Does it still seem so simple??” 🤔

Written by C. Murphy © 2018


via Daily Prompt: Conversant

By now, I would say i’m an expert on love

I’ve had it, lost it and all of the above

You place your faith and trust, in someone else

Often putting them, before yourself

But, they don’t always do the same

We know this dance, and still we play the game

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Poetry Inspired


Wakeup skip breakfast, for Instagram

No time, for out door fun, and shopping with the fam

Just hash tags, re-tweets, and facebook post

To everyone else, you’ve become a ghost

Some would compromise beliefs, for instant fame

When making friends, has become a game

Of pokes, likes, and angry faces

Where posting naked photo’s, is no longer tasteless

Now we leverage reality, for social media

A world of filters, is what life will be to us

We check our messages, for morning hugs

Then proceed, to swiping right for love

When we fail to live life,and we just exist

For building fame, and friendship list

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