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When Life Becomes Social Media Poem | Poetry Inspired



Wakeup skip breakfast, for Instagram

No time, for out door fun, and shopping with the fam

Just hash tags, re-tweets, and facebook post

To everyone else, you’ve become a ghost

Some would compromise beliefs, for instant fame

When making friends, has become a game

Of pokes, likes, and angry faces

Where posting naked photo’s, is no longer tasteless

Now we leverage reality, for social media

A world of filters, is what life will be to us

We check our messages, for morning hugs

Then proceed, to swiping right for love

When we fail to live life,and we just exist

For building fame, and friendship list

Like That One, Heres AnotherPerfectly Imperfect Poem | Poetry Inspired

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Romantic Gestures Spoken Word Poem



Sometime the heart sees what’s invisible to the eye 

So it forces us to take a chance, and give this love a try 

If you express how much you love each other, I’m sure you wont regret

Be spontaneous in bed, show passion in the sex 

Advocate your love, by performing romantic gestures

Send A text throughout the day, to say i’m thinking of you lover 

Pour you heart out to each other

You’ll be surprised what you discover

If you pay attention they say the devils in the detail 

Never give up, because hard workers always prevail 

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Vine Famous Spoken Word Poem


Short messages, looping video 

Six seconds of fame means more than you really know 

Some actors, musicians, but all one of a kind

Each video they do, goes out on the Vine

Replayed and re-vined millions of times 

Pure adrenaline, heart throbbing, your put it all on the line 

Just do it….Just do it…Just do it for the Vine 

Highway Traffic Spoken Word Poem


I tend to think of life as a highway, and on this road there are many stops
As we approach success, there are traffic blocks
Make sure your cars have plenty gas
And GPS to navigate the path
Life is one long road trip, make sure you plan the journey
It may seem long at first, but it will soon be over in a hurry
If you are speeding on this highway, you only cheat yourself
You may miss your stops for love, success, and wealth