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Daily Prompt: Maddening

via Daily Prompt: maddening 

The Maddening Of America Poem | Poetry Inspired


There has been much done, this past year, to provoke our emotion

Anger and division, have rolled into our country, like a roaring ocean

A culture of hate and descent, have plagued  our nation

Instead of the maddening, caused by separation

We need unity in America, and collaboration

Because anything other than that, will lead to exasperation

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When Life Becomes Social Media Poem | Poetry Inspired



Wakeup skip breakfast, for Instagram

No time, for out door fun, and shopping with the fam

Just hash tags, re-tweets, and facebook post

To everyone else, you’ve become a ghost

Some would compromise beliefs, for instant fame

When making friends, has become a game

Of pokes, likes, and angry faces

Where posting naked photo’s, is no longer tasteless

Now we leverage reality, for social media

A world of filters, is what life will be to us

We check our messages, for morning hugs

Then proceed, to swiping right for love

When we fail to live life,and we just exist

For building fame, and friendship list

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Of all the things, the good, the bad, the wrong and right

Beaten down by these  treacherous  roads in life, Some people in love, and blindly optimistic

Others wondering the world, with no sense of vision

Flowers have withered, that where once a blooming rose

The repetition of failure and mediocrity, has long since grown old

I can’t see right in front of me, from all the haze and smoke

There’s no such thing as happy endings, is that some type of joke

Things aren’t getting any better, at least not that I have noticed

Can’t let that get me down,  because I have to keep my focus

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Is religion real poem



Given the current events in life, people will question faith 

Is religion real, is the question that’s in place 

God created the heavens and earth 

We all have a purpose, salvation comes first

Don’t focus on titles, and material things

Time is the only thing, that has value  it seems

Is religion real, no it’t more of a title 

Instead we should focus on god, and reading the bible

Feeding our souls with the spirit of Christ

Just be careful, in which hands you place your life


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The Motion


The motion is the act in which you move

It’s something that we all go through

Ups and downs, good and bad

In peoples feelings happy or sad

But through it all it’s just the motion

like a flowing stream or rippling ocean

Some rich, some poor with nothing to loose

 Those which fortune and fame did not approve

The motion is just a flow of life

so take what you got and make it right