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This Christmas Poem| Poetry Inspired



This Christmas:

Well it’s clearly the undisputed winner, of best time of the year

Singing those angelic christmas tunes, that we all like to hear

Spending more money than we’ll actually make in a month

This time each year, only comes around once

The smell of pine in our nose, as it catches some air

Kids anxious for gifts, they’ll all sit and compare

Drinking hot chocolate while reading, twas the night before christmas

The holiday spirit just lingers, I don’t know why but it just does

Maybe it’s the anticipation, you know that element of surprise

In hopes that on christmas day, we’ll all open gifts that we like

This year I wrote in, to old St. Nick

I just want to unify everyone, by using my gift

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Of all of the things I could choose to be thankful

A couple of which, are on this table

Food, drinks, and material things

For the accolades, accomplishments & success that I’ve seen

I give thanks to explorer’s, Who traveled for days

And for those who never got to see, the road that they paved

So as I enjoy it, with family and friends

While having fun, we wish we could do over again

I’m thankful, for just seeing another Thanksgiving year

Just trying paint the picture clear, lets raise our glasses toast to this, cheers

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Labor Day Poem



For all those individuals, who spend the year working consistently 

Spend some time to appreciate your work with others, and individually 

So weather you cooking, traveling, clubbing, or grubbing 

Just make sure you spend this day doing absolutely nothing

Celebrate for the ones who helped build this nation 

Take a chance to reflect, and celebrate this creation

Enjoy each other today, tomorrow we have a job to do 

We have to make sure our elected officials, are working as hard as me and you


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