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Who Am I:



broken poem

My admiration of a womans presence in all its essence

Must i pay for another mans mistakes from past times in the present

You would think good women want good guys and likewise

From my experience thats not the case in my eyes

Bad guys appeal to most woman, generically hardwired to feel safe in the presence of those

While good men are left to pay, with the resentment they show 

Broken like finely crafted china scattered about 

This is a woman with much hate that she travels with now, Broken 




There’s a little baby, With two little hands

5 Months old and already stands

She’s bright, and curious, 

A little explorer

She sleeps with a smile

Watching her for a little while

Till she wakes again 

I gently fall asleep with a grin


Her essence Is so Divine 
So calculated like space and time 
In her essence there is no flaw 
Reckless in nature and obeys no law 
Her essence, soothing like the warmth of a fire.  
So passionate she is, like a raging desire
In all her essence is perfection 
I love your essence, that’s my confession


Would I be wrong for questioning the things we value people 
Money, sex, drugs and fame but the roots of it all are evil 
Watching the news at six am all stories they cover, tragic 
I’m sick of seeing people die and the world in all this madness 
On the other hand there are people starving loosing homes don’t know what the hell to do 
Fighting for government benefits can’t get their case approved 
Magnetic motors could power the world 
For less than what we pay 
So the governments suppose to care about US, well at least that’s what they say