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Study Your History Poem



via Daily Prompt: Study

We are often led astray

Trusting,  in the educational system  of today

With history that’s much richer, than the contents of a single chapter

We have to do our research, to find what our souls been seeking after

To be educated,  is to be programmed

Study history,  but trust no man

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Atlanta Zoo Poem


via Daily Prompt: Zoo

Lions and tiger’s and bears, oh my

It’s the perfect day to go out, just look at the sky

Whether Zebra, lion,  monkey or panda

They all can be found at zoo in Atlanta

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Singularity Poem | Poetry Inspired


In a world, that merges machine with man

Sounds like some sort of diabolical plan

Humanity,  is undergoing an irreversible change

Let’s make A.I work for the good, so it doesn’t bring pain

Technology advanced so rapidly, we couldn’t keep up

We can only be optimistic, and hope it won’t defeat us

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Daily Prompt: Snippet


via Daily Prompt: Snippet

Seems the wall are collapsing,  all around us

Trusting government, and a pool of debt is where we wound up

All these broken hearts,  and shattered dreams

This land of the free,  is not what it seems

It’s a snippet of hope, I think we need

In a world,  consumed by chaos and greed

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Daily Prompt: Knit


via Daily Prompt: Knit

We where  bound to each other,  like a tightly knit sweater

Even the birds would sing, we belong together

We kept our arms wrapped tight,  like thread to a needle

I said I would never let go,  because I know that I need you

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