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Help by Poetry Lobby


You know the other day I met this young man walking
It really hit home as he started talking
He says, I’m drowning in this chaotic world around me
No one cares to help, my soul continues screaming loudly

Just another casualty to circumstance
I say look to the future, forget the past because right now you have a fighting chance
As he walks away, he says thanks you know that means a lot
When I look back he disappears from the parking lot

Helping others others is what makes life surreal
In a world only meant to test your will
If someone needs a helping hand
Just know god is testing where you stand

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Sovereignty by Poetry Lobby


Frustrated by by the minuscule nature in which we live our lives
Keeping my sanity, trying not to compromise
The weight of knowing I’m destined for more
In a system without options to explore

I seek I search I try to find, no gravity left to hold me down
There’s an ocean of problems all around, so many disconnected people now
Just a little help is all we ask, our ancestors fought to fly this flag
No dictatorship is going to take it back

Just remember all we have to loose, we can’t continue pressing snooze
Fight for what ever you believe, avoid those tempting to deceive

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Time Travel


Tick… Tick…Tick the sound of the time clocks counting down our lives, you know it seems like those sand box days where just yesterday
I remember oh so vividly, those playgrounds on which we would play

Tick…Tick…Tick junior high in Mrs. Wilson class I would leave often on a restroom pass, oh there’s things I would change if I could go back
Skipping school with high school crushes, mad at mom and holding grudges

A firm believer that everything happens for a reason
So I’ve learned not to regret the things I’ve done
No time to worry about  the past, or directing a future that hasn’t been cast

In time the things are due will come, so let go of the past your running from
Insightful words to encourage a few, how fast time goes if I only knew
Plan for the worst and hope for the best, this way you’ll be disappointed less

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