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Conjure Your Trust Poem


via Daily Prompt: Conjure

Void of trust, from encounters of your past

I just want your conviction, is that to much to ask

With memories, that steal your faith in others

Can you conjure up your trust, if it can be discovered

I know that sometimes, we have to padlock our heart

For you, I’ll be the light you need in the dark

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Currently working on our poetry manuscript, titled Thoughts Of A Poet. It will be about 120 poems, some of our best poems ever mixed with some exclusives. At this time you may submit your work, to be published on our website and social media. Thank you, for being poetry inspired. Together we can continue lifting up the arts.

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Sympathize Poem | New Poetry Book

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize


A wrecking ball of emotions, I feel your pain

Support me, when my emotions are not the same

Although, in favor of my better days

I can feel your compassion, when i get this way

After all what’s love, if we don’t sympathize

it’s just sometimes, we fail to realize

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Into Darkness Poem | Poetry Inspired


via Daily Prompt: Black

I often feel myself slipping,  into a state of darkness

Every since we broke up, things have been the hardest

Worst of all,  I never saw this coming

So if I’m still standing still, those moments where very stunning

Every morning I wake up, I’m still searching for the light

I’m in my sunken place, and just know it don’t feel right…

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Dancing With The Stars Poem | Poetry Inspired


via Daily Prompt: Dancing

Sometimes, I still think about our first dance

I knew you where the one, like some would say at first glance

To often do I remember how good you smelled, as your body was pressed against mine

Just dancing slowly, kiss you on your neck just to get in your mind

Now I would give anything to go back to those times

How could I not see what we had, so blind…

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