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Provoke Thoughts Haiku


via Daily Prompt: Provoke

Can we provoke thought

Words that heal, like a poet

Diamonds in the rough

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I wish I could  word the unexplainable

Reach the  unattainable

be able but I can’t

at least not for  the moment

I won t go  defensive

I ve been unexpressive about my other self

renounced  seeking for help

to raise my white flag

when on the battlefield

I am already dead even before being killed

When I open my eyes assuming it is another day

I  find myself armed

in the same battlefield

Sometimes I make it through

this is how I am presented to you


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The Zigzag Route Haiku


Meander –  Prompt

What’s around that curve

But hope for change, to be blessed

This road is our test

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Fact Over Fiction Poem


via Daily Prompt: Fact

Give me,  fact over fiction

No flaws,  in my vision

The truth is more comfortable, than a bed of lies

In dark times, the truth is my light inside

Facts are the essential things, we know are real

True emotions, are the best ones you’ll ever feel

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Branch Out Poem


via Daily Prompt: Branch

We are but an extension, of our inner self

Which often, lends a hand to help

Branches, stemming from a tree

Our spirit, gives a lens to see

As we grow, and strengthen our soul

You learn, we originated from that,  which makes us whole

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