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Imaginary Poem | Poetry Inspired

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary


As children we picture a world, more beautiful than this

It’s called an imagination, adults forget to utilize this gift

But when we grow up, we realize  such a mythical world is nonexistent

In school we where strip of our vision, told that our storybook world is silly business

As adults stay persistent, and continue to make-believe

We would be shocked, how many imaginary thoughts we might achieve

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Automated Poem



Most people check their Facebook, before getting out of bed
Snap a picture for Instagram, when they’re finished getting dressed
Check your fitbit, after walking for miles
Upload emoji’s, now our digital smile
No more trips to the store, we use auto ship
A virtual reality, has replaced our family trips
In a world,  that is now fully Automated
Without these computers s,  I don’t know if we would make it

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Walking To The Edge

Walking To The Edge


Lately I feel like I’m falling, and have yet to reach the bottom

Life might as well be arithmetic, because it seems to be full of problems

Screaming loudly from the rooftop, as I’m  walking to  the edge

How could I end up loosing, when I’ve given it my best
I’m never giving up, is what I try to pledge

Yet slowly day by day, I’ve been walking to the edge

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Starting New

Starting New


Every time I fall, I remember success is followed by failure

Life is brutal and impartial, so it’s not just me in particular

In A world of things forever changing

Starting new is something I’ve gotten used to, this is me venting and not complaining

When my journey is at end, I’ll be starting new once again

Life is full of new years resolutions

One simple but yet complex solution

Starting new with each adventure we take

With each minute decision I might have to make

Starting new is task we will all undertake

State Of Mind Poem



Studies show that 50% of the population, has a less than average I.Q

So those who are more informed, can manipulation the masses like me and you 

Using propaganda and psychological operations 

To control the global population

We must expand the capacity, of our state of mind

Intelligence is the most valuable asset, well that and time

Education is more important than dozens of things

We can only change our reality, if we work as a team

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No Good Deed Poem


It’s crazy when people are entertained by ones humiliation

By putting people down, to lift there selves up in celebration

Instead of helping one another with our goals 

Spending time to help each other grow 

Good deeds create a chain reaction 

We are affecting the world, with all of our actions

Doing small things like, holding the door open for an elderly lady

Giving money to families, that can’t afford to feed their baby 

Welcoming people who move into your neighborhood 

I think deeds are things that where meant to good

The act of doing based solely on principal 

It shows the integrity of every individual

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Passion For Truth Poem


Passion for truth…

In a world that’s plagued by lies

With mostly speculation and no answers why

where has the moral values and integrity of our leaders gone

they preach peace and prosperity, Like a sing along

withholding critical information from entire masses

Distorting knowledge in our childrens classes

Arresting shoplifter who can barely feed there family

Stopping our right, to a peaceful assembly

Is it fair that corporations can lobby politicians

Impairing there judgement, and effecting decisions

Note this letter, is for those who have a passion for the truth

That change is depending on each and everyone of you

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Dreams Worth More Than Money Poem


Dreams are worth more than money, in life you must have ambition

Focus on your goals and achieve that mission 

Success is measured by how much money you make 

Dream  chasers do whatever it take

If you do aspire to achieve, then you have to believe

Just know, moneys accompanied by pain and grief 

It’s just a little bit better, when your living your dream

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Is religion real poem



Given the current events in life, people will question faith 

Is religion real, is the question that’s in place 

God created the heavens and earth 

We all have a purpose, salvation comes first

Don’t focus on titles, and material things

Time is the only thing, that has value  it seems

Is religion real, no it’t more of a title 

Instead we should focus on god, and reading the bible

Feeding our souls with the spirit of Christ

Just be careful, in which hands you place your life


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Love Hard Spoken Word Poem


We should love hard, because the heart is soft
So the  counterbalance, doesn’t set us off
There are many of us, who take love lightly
So when love is lost, it disappoints us highly
Drink loves potion, until life is over
You already know, its not that fun when sober
Love hard, like each day is your last
Focus on now, and don’t Live in the past 
A wise man once said, “you don’t miss what you got, until it’s what you’ve had