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Depression A Deadly Disease| Tim Fox


A very beautiful poem on depression, that takes us inside the mind of a suicidal person. This is a very serious topic, that needs more attention. If you suffer from depression, or know someone who is suffering. Listen to this spoken word poem and share it with others. Times may be tough or you may be going through something, there is a support system, and network of people out there to who care for you deeply. The writer of this poem (Tim Fox) chose the perfect tone and uses great analogies to paint the picture of how people are affected by depression, but there is hope out there.


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Daily Prompt: Taper Poem

via Daily Prompt: Taper


As my world begins to fade

The darkness of night,  consumes the  light of day

I drift deeper and deeper, into the dark

Since my lover, went and broke  my heart

As I taper off, into safer place

Only wish now, that I never seen your face

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