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Patience Spoken Word Poem

Poetry Inspired


As as a kid I often heard the phrase, patience is a virtue

Sometimes we get disappointed, it can be a little hurtful

we watch the clock at work, constantly keeping time

Everything happens for a reason, is what we have to keep in mind

Be humble and discipline, just wait for things to come

It’s a quite frequent occurrence in life, this happens  to everyone

Faith is equally as important, in this life that keeps us waiting 

How come things never happen when you want, is what I’ve been contemplating

Good things come to those who wait

So I deposited this knowledge, in my mental bank


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When Life Becomes Social Media Poem | Poetry Inspired

Poetry Inspired


Wakeup skip breakfast, for Instagram

No time, for out door fun, and shopping with the fam

Just hash tags, re-tweets, and facebook post

To everyone else, you’ve become a ghost

Some would compromise beliefs, for instant fame

When making friends, has become a game

Of pokes, likes, and angry faces

Where posting naked photo’s, is no longer tasteless

Now we leverage reality, for social media

A world of filters, is what life will be to us

We check our messages, for morning hugs

Then proceed, to swiping right for love

When we fail to live life,and we just exist

For building fame, and friendship list

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The Season For Love Poem | Poetry Inspired

Poetry Inspired


It amazes me, the cycles of love

Even in our darkest season, we need the gentlest touch

There’s no fun in being alone, on a cold winter night

Like a wondering bird, that was struck from its flight

It’s the warmth of love, that brings holiday cheer

Being alone, at this time of year

Is a wretched fate, that we all fear

There’s cycles of life, and seasons of love

Even if that process is broken, you should never give up

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Fountain of Youth Poem


via Daily Prompt: Age

Infinitely youthful, no one wants to grow old if I’m being truthful

Both ego and vanity,  rule our lives

The fountain of youth, goes well beyond our eyes

We want to stay looking young, forever

The invention of makeup,  was very clever

There are lots of perks, to growing old

Wisdom is worth more, than a pot of gold

Like That One Here’s Another: Digital World Spoken Word Poem

Digital World Spoken Word Poem

Poetry Inspired


Our planet, is consistently becoming digital

But has it taken away our values, is an argument that’s pivotal

People confide themselves in social media 

Or who’s popping up on Wikipedia

Just the  other day I’m online shopping, I reach for

my wallet, and realize Google already has it

When you can ask your car, how bad is traffic

If an app can make your house operational

No I’m not paranoid, just observational

When our world becomes computerized

There’s no place for us, in this future life 

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