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His Story|| Featured Spoken Word Artist


It’s been half a decade now since I first met the woman I fell in love with
A blessing from god, the greatest gift
Explosive thoughts, from love like this
Such passion desire these feelings are true
No fluctuation in words I’m destined for you
Circle these thoughts through that cute little head
Baby I’m a love you until the day that I’m dead

Video Lobby

Video Lobby.

The Motion


The motion is the act in which you move

It’s something that we all go through

Ups and downs, good and bad

In peoples feelings happy or sad

But through it all it’s just the motion

like a flowing stream or rippling ocean

Some rich, some poor with nothing to loose

 Those which fortune and fame did not approve

The motion is just a flow of life

so take what you got and make it right



I woke up this morning, I left in a rush… 
I forgot to eat breakfast my stomach is flushed 
as I walk out the door I slipped down the steps , man I nearly broke my neck 
Then I run to the bus as it speeds away,  I say great what a way to start your day 
Get into work and the boss says you’re late, have your desk clean buy the end of the day 
Clean out my desk as I leave in a hurry, from all of the tears my vision is blurry 
I’m crossing the street I get hit by a car, I cannot see nothing now but stars 
With a fractured rib and a dislocated spine the doctor says man are you out of your mind
I say no, I I’m in hurry and could avoid this all by just taking the time
As I day dream in bed this is what’s on my mind

Hard Life



Why has life thrown me to and from 
To the deepest depths, and through sewer scum 
I have battled my way through test and trials 
Although I always keep a smile 
Why do the darkest hours last a while, and the problems always seem to pile 
If life was meant to test my faith 
This seems a little out of place 
Let the light guide me through the haze 
To a different chapter on a different page 




There’s a little baby, With two little hands

5 Months old and already stands

She’s bright, and curious, 

A little explorer

She sleeps with a smile

Watching her for a little while

Till she wakes again 

I gently fall asleep with a grin


Would I be wrong for questioning the things we value people 
Money, sex, drugs and fame but the roots of it all are evil 
Watching the news at six am all stories they cover, tragic 
I’m sick of seeing people die and the world in all this madness 
On the other hand there are people starving loosing homes don’t know what the hell to do 
Fighting for government benefits can’t get their case approved 
Magnetic motors could power the world 
For less than what we pay 
So the governments suppose to care about US, well at least that’s what they say