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Impeach And Prosecute Obama

State Of Mind Poem



Studies show that 50% of the population, has a less than average I.Q

So those who are more informed, can manipulation the masses like me and you 

Using propaganda and psychological operations 

To control the global population

We must expand the capacity, of our state of mind

Intelligence is the most valuable asset, well that and time

Education is more important than dozens of things

We can only change our reality, if we work as a team

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New World Order Poem









While people praise population control and reduction

The governments have been hijacked, as we stood by and watched the abduction

Our borders open, and economies collapsing 

Plagued by war and violence, if we open our eyes we can see what’s happening

Militarization of our law enforcement

Of course the looting and violence, just only supports it

While the satanic elite, attempt to divide and conquer

We must begin to take action, there’s no time left to wonder

As a people, God blessed us with the right to make our own decisions

That means our government shouldn’t be allowed to dictate our position

It’s time that we held our leaders accountable

They’re destroying our nation, I want to know who’s responsible 


No Place to Hide


No Place to Hide

Imagine a world, were  government survailence is watching it’s people

And recording our lives, all the things that we do

when our cell phones and cars become tracking devices

Smart homes, meters, and household appliances

Now thinking of ways to arrest you, for future crimes

Your not safe in your homes or even your minds

Intruding on privacy,  and infringing on rights

There is no place to hide, in this thing called life

Is The World Coming To An End Poem



It appears the prophecy’s of the bible are fulfilling there revelation 

While our world is consumed with war, greed, and total devastation

There are false flag attacks to end our human rights


You have a sadistic government who wants to play god over our life


If we allow this to happen, the world as we know it will end

And the new prison planet, concentration camps begin

So every individual, need to protect and defend the constitution

Hold our politicians responsible, for having not prepared a solution 









Border Crisis Spoken Word Poem



Although I don’t believe in borders, its the system we have in place

Since the beginning of time, this has been an instinct of our race

There are culture clashes, that lead to division

Instead of mainstream political propaganda,

we have to simply demand an answer

Instead of open borders, open hearts

As our own economy, continues to fall apart

In this world of chaos and much confusion

we must fin the problem, to find a solution  

Funny Spoken Word Poem | Welfare









Man I hate getting government checks

Those grocery stores are packed, on the first through the fifth

Getting summoned to the county office to update your info

As you approach the front of the line, it starts moving real slow

Can a few hundred dollars, last the course of a month

That’s why I haven’t been back since receiving it once

How about we invest more money, to pay decent wages

It’s the 21st century, I shouldn’t need county assistance, if receiving a paycheck

Spoken Word Poem | Rigged Game


In a society, effected by others decisions In this crazy world, this life we’re living
Where 80% of us sacrifice, but don’t quote me on that, until the math is right
In a world where success, is sink or swim
Where barriers are placed, between you and them
We climb the ladder and hope for the best
Then your placed into college, by the scores on your test 
In a game that’s rigged for most to fail
So we attempt and we try, but to no avail

Spoken Word

Spoken Word.



Spoken Word- America || America by Poetry Lobby


Wake up…

As I head downstairs for my morning brew
I grab the remote and click on the news
Taught  to obey a program to reality
Repetitious reports of entertainment in tragedy
So I turn on my laptop and load up the screen
Click on indeed, not a job to be seen
Meanwhile, they ship all of our work overseas
Our borders are flooded with gang and disease, immigration reform, spare me the grief
Executive orders from the commander and chief, to bus the illegals wherever they please
To truly reform, we need honest politicians
With common sense, and the American vision
We can save our country, from a total collision