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The Season For Love Poem | Poetry Inspired


It amazes me, the cycles of love

Even in our darkest season, we need the gentlest touch

There’s no fun in being alone, on a cold winter night

Like a wondering bird, that was struck from its flight

It’s the warmth of love, that brings holiday cheer

Being alone, at this time of year

Is a wretched fate, that we all fear

There’s cycles of life, and seasons of love

Even if that process is broken, you should never give up

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When Life Becomes Social Media Poem | Poetry Inspired



Wakeup skip breakfast, for Instagram

No time, for out door fun, and shopping with the fam

Just hash tags, re-tweets, and facebook post

To everyone else, you’ve become a ghost

Some would compromise beliefs, for instant fame

When making friends, has become a game

Of pokes, likes, and angry faces

Where posting naked photo’s, is no longer tasteless

Now we leverage reality, for social media

A world of filters, is what life will be to us

We check our messages, for morning hugs

Then proceed, to swiping right for love

When we fail to live life,and we just exist

For building fame, and friendship list

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Forever 21 | Spoken Word Poem

Forever 21 | Spoken Word Poem


There isn’t an age more sought after than this

Some would say forever twenty one,  is as good as it gets

Children spend there childhood chasing this number

While adults get plastic surgery, to try to look younger

I guess forever twenty one is as good as it gets

It’s an age all people are anxious to hit

Why we cant stay this age forever, I really dont get it

The one year that we do have, we’ll just have to live with

I guess no forever twenty one, at least not in this Lifetime

I’m just thinking out loud, these are thoughts in my lost mind

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Faith Spoken Word Poem



The evidence of things not seen 

It’s confidence and self-esteem

Knowing things will come to fruition

Its patience, hope without regard for time

Giving your last dollar, to that homeless guy 

we live in a world where faith is needed

To conquer obstacles and not be defeated 

It’s the tool that’s with us in the midst of adversity

Eliminating fear, if there’s an emergency 

With faith you stay strong, in times of depression

It’s faith that will get us through this catastrophic recession

Unwavering and deeply rooted

Each person’s faith is tailor suited

Spoken Word- Poetry Slam || Success



This is a poem for the ones who couldn’t afford success… literally
You didn’t get the scholarship you wanted, because you go up on the wrong side of town
In a system where no matter how hard you work, they consistently keep you down
I’m talking about the individuals working strenuously just to get a paycheck
And then another round of bills come around and take it
Even after back-breaking blood boiling years of perspiration
They continue pushing forward with sheer determination
This is for the public school kids receiving mediocre education
That dream of being doctors lawyers and engineers all across this nation
I turn my head in shame, to a society that cares more about a prison system
Than public service and dedication
Or corporations and politicians, manipulating laws
Who don’t invest in our economy, and get community involved
Let’s not raise student tuition, no more giving tax breaks to successful
Corporate exhibitions
Living a in society, that’s invariably loosing it’s value
So they limit our success, to such a small volume
This is for my kids with bigger dreams, don’t let nobody be your obstacle
Stepping on your vision with thoughts like… nah that’s impossible
Everyone’s destiny is unique, whe’re all meant for different things
Persistence is the key, vision is the path, and success is having a dream

Poetry Slam- Neil Hilborn – “OCD” by Button Poetry

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Phil Kaye // “Repetition” (Poetry Observed)

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Poetry Slam- Identity Crisis by Poetry Lobby


Recurring cycles of chaos, eventually we lose ourselves in the madness
Preconceived perspectives, that’s all they teach us in classes
Left to be defined by statistics and probability
Like you’ll live a mediocre life, where success is not a possibility
No more honor left in business, just crony capitalism
Teachers ridicule the kids in class, who have an actual vision
Illusions that whe’re free, working for corporations
Modern day slavery, only difference is now we pick the plantation
Struggling to find ourselves, through what they programmed us to be
Focus on your goals and dreams, your vision is what’s key
Obviously there traditional thinking, has failed as you can see
Its time for modern America to fight for what we believe

Spoken Word

Is Poetry Dead by Poetry Lobby


Is Poetry Dead…

First let me start by expounding, poetry Is the pulsing sensation of words flowing through your veins
Its the expression of our heart felt thoughts, feelings and sayings

Finely crafted, cleverly articulated ways to express emotion
Cupids bow and arrow, loves befuddled potion

If poetry has deceased, it leaves only the anomaly of a dissipated soul
Letting the worries of life, consume us with full control

Poetry is not dead, although mostly blank canvases
There’s just not enough people utilizing it’s advantages