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Imagination Poem


via Daily Prompt: Imagination

As kids we have an endless flow, of creativity

We see the world with vision, hope and possibility

With this ability in life, we would go far

Be brighter, than an exploding star

Full of life, how bright we shine

It’s sad that imagination, gets lost over time

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Carve Out Your Path Poem


via Daily Prompt: Carve

There are no certainties, in this thing called life

You have to carve out a path, to which you like

Tested with fire, and sometimes burned

Through the struggles in life, is how we learn

Each of us,  have a predestined path to greatness

That we figure out, as our spirit ages

Until we decide to take it,  will we be able to reach the stars

When we find out,  who we truly are

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The Paragon of Life


So consumed by life, while achieving success

Never stopping, or excepting nothing less

It’s a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs

For most a hidden treasure, that has yet to be found

Success, one of the many qualities of life

Never stop trying to achieve, unforeseeable heights

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via Daily Prompt: Paragon