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Impeach And Prosecute Obama

Is The World Coming To An End Poem



It appears the prophecy’s of the bible are fulfilling there revelation 

While our world is consumed with war, greed, and total devastation

There are false flag attacks to end our human rights


You have a sadistic government who wants to play god over our life


If we allow this to happen, the world as we know it will end

And the new prison planet, concentration camps begin

So every individual, need to protect and defend the constitution

Hold our politicians responsible, for having not prepared a solution 









Ferguson Missouri Police Department

Ferguson Police


Given the current crisis in Ferguson, due to lack of trust in authorities 

There has been looting, shooting, and militarized police, this makes me question our priorities 

Instead of transparency in law enforcement, due process, and equality 

Shooting unarmed suspects down, I have to say this really bothers me

Now you have a populous of agitated citizens

I can’t say this is the right way to settle this, but what other choices have you given them

We shouldn’t fear the police, they should protect and serve

You have to earn the respect, that you feel you deserve 

Now lets look beyond the racial factors, this young man was denied his right to court

Like so many others, who have died before 

This about stopping our authorities from abuse of power 

Because the taste, it has left in this world is sour




Neighborhood Spoken Word Poem


Some people were deprived the chance, of living in the suburbs 

I say neighborhoods make people, contrary to what you may of heard

We practice a culture of segregation, of divide and conquer, across the nation

When our environments aren’t conducive to education

So there’s a perpetual cycle, of destitute and poverty

Instead practicing the principals, of liberty and equality  

There will always be a small amount of neighborhood statistics 

But at least make this a fair game, so we can’t complain it isn’t 


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Spoken Word Poem | Rigged Game


In a society, effected by others decisions In this crazy world, this life we’re living
Where 80% of us sacrifice, but don’t quote me on that, until the math is right
In a world where success, is sink or swim
Where barriers are placed, between you and them
We climb the ladder and hope for the best
Then your placed into college, by the scores on your test 
In a game that’s rigged for most to fail
So we attempt and we try, but to no avail