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Tour Guide To Costa Rica Poem

costa-rica-turismo poem

via Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

A country, rich with nature and coastal lands

We found our tour guide, to coordinate our plans

What a time we had, in Costa Rica

With so much to do, it’s hard to keep up

Relaxing beaches, just glance at the waves

Went out to the volcanoes, not trying to be brave

Take in the sights, be one with nature

Our tour guide, did us a really big favor

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28 days of February Poem | Augustine Ennin


28 days of February
Very short, thank God it’s not so prolonged like January
This is a month  entangled in love
A word whose pronunciation sounds so calm like a dove
The 14th on which most people celebrate with their beloved
Yet to some others is a day to share chocolate
With family and friends
A month that goes with the color red
The time when couples and those doubled trend
Val’s day, a dream day for some girls to wed
They just can’t wait for you may kiss the bride
And go on their honeymoon ride
this year’s Val’s is gonna be more like a clash of titans
Well at least not for the singles
We’ve got our soccer channels
Happy new month guys
Remember love is the greatest of all commands
Share it positively

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Good Things On The Horizon Poem


via Daily Prompt: Horizon

Traveled a rugged road, still maintaining a level head

Things have gotten shakey, these are times I won’t forget

In the back of my mind I’m thinking,  things look better on the horizon

Still on a journey, it’s blows my mind how far along I’ve gone

Not worried about the problems in life,  I can’t let them get me down

Those good old days, are soon to come back around

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Holiday Parade Poem | Poetry Inspired


via Daily Prompt: Percussive

You could hear those percussive sounds, as they beat those drums

They marched singing proudly, to the top of their lungs

As those vibrations travel, and touched our ears

We knew the holiday season, was finally here…

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Painted With Words | Poetry Inspired


Some people say, pictures are worth a thousand words
But that’s not totally correct, depending on which ones you’ve heard
What’s a memory, without description
Would a bright idea, still be a vision
It could be the most important thing on this Earth
Even our language, is painted with words

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