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Phil Kaye // “Repetition” (Poetry Observed)

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Fathers Day by Poetry Lobby


Broken homes, abandoned kids
For some this is just the life they live
Misguided son and daughters
Immorally, walked out on by their fathers

Is it the death of verbal communication
Haven’t you heard, this our new form of conversation
I’d rather talk instead of text, this emoticon is how I’m feeling next
I’m concerned for this future where bound to get

It isn’t that people have forgotten fathers day
Rather society has groomed us all this way
Placing value on things of infinitesimal meaning
So children play play station, instead of house chores and cleaning

See it’s difficult for mother’s, when men don’t play their role
Your children run rampedly  out of control
This is a thank you to all of dads, who have consistently
Kept us on the right path

Happy Fathers Day poem by Poetry Lobby

How To Find Love Guide by Poetry Lobby


Being single isn’t happiness, love is a tool that makes life worth living
As long as it’s 100 percent of your heart your giving
It’s impossible to be happy and yet alone
So you scour clubs for what is not at home

To impractical for money to buy you love
You can’t pay for what’s sent from up above
They say, the wealthy are not gratified
It’s true love that makes you satisfied

When you do find love try to embrace it
Just a how to find love guide by doing the basics

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