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Pick Up Lines Spoken Word

Pickup Lines


I’m no photographer, but I could picture us together

Somebody told me pick up lines where corny, I think there clever

Or should I should I post a funny video, and tag her on the Vine 

So I can tell the whole where this girl is cute, I think she’s fine

You didn’t fall from the sky, you didn’t fall from a tree

But hopefully, you fall in love with me

I’m not big on words or public speaking 

I just hope these pick-up lines, are halfway decent




Funny Spoken Word Poem | Welfare









Man I hate getting government checks

Those grocery stores are packed, on the first through the fifth

Getting summoned to the county office to update your info

As you approach the front of the line, it starts moving real slow

Can a few hundred dollars, last the course of a month

That’s why I haven’t been back since receiving it once

How about we invest more money, to pay decent wages

It’s the 21st century, I shouldn’t need county assistance, if receiving a paycheck


Poetry Lobby’s post on Vine

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Funny Kevin Hart Dance Clip!


Poetry Lobby’s post on Vine

Check out Poetry Lobby’s post on Vine!


Spoken Word- Poetry Slam || Potatoes (funny)


Life is like a bag of potatoes, you never know what you’ll get out of it
Why am I writing about potatoes,  sometimes a little humor does the trick
My mother always told me, you should keep your eyes peeled
Life and potatoes that’s gotta be a joke for real
Sometimes I question myself, am I hez-a-tator
You’d probably start to feel this way, if things never went in your favor
I just hope love is like my potatoes, smooth and un-scarred
So I won’t need an extra layer of skin to protect my heart

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