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Poem About Humanity | Stephen Kastle


To One World,
Our only World,
Our Home that has nurtured Us thru our Existence,
Since we subdivided and grew into Us;
We call ourselves Humans,
And We can Think;
That is our Gift,
But also our Danger.
We live upon Earth,
We consume Her resources to Grow and give Birth,
But what do we give Her in return?
There are White humans, Black humans, Red and Brown humans;
We call that Race.
One knows more than the Other; One is better than the Other.
Each has its own Religion and that Religion knows the Laws and are better than the Other’s.
Each Religion knows God;
He is there on their altar and He watches over the Faithful.
We draw lines amongst Ourselves and call them Countries; and kill each Other over those lines,
This Country is better than that One, this One more advanced than the Other; It’s a Race – a Race to the Finish.
We play games, because if we are idle it could be trouble – Silence is scary.
We have something called Profit that guides Us,
It knows the Way and it makes our decisions,
Because it is a World where Competition takes care of us All,
The Needy, the Poor, the Sick and the Lonely

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My Costume Poem


via Daily Prompt: Costume

Each day we put on costumes, and cover up who we truly are

Fragments of dust, constructed from the stars

I will rise, and not conform

Keep my head high, and keep marching on

Live my life to the fullest, and not be driven by my wage

This is infinite wisdom, that’s way beyond my age

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Insist On Change Poem| Poetry Inspired


via Daily Prompt: Insist

Insist on change, never accept defeat

And the only way to win in life, is refusing to be beat

You can’t be shaken,  on your path to change

We don’t demand,  instead accept that’s really strange

Just have to be an anomaly, to change this game

Endure heartbreak, sorrow, hard work and pain

This is infinite wisdom, I want you all to borrow

Since our students of today,  become the leaders of tomorrow

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via Daily Prompt: Enroll

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Sympathize Poem | New Poetry Book

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize


A wrecking ball of emotions, I feel your pain

Support me, when my emotions are not the same

Although, in favor of my better days

I can feel your compassion, when i get this way

After all what’s love, if we don’t sympathize

it’s just sometimes, we fail to realize

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