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World Peace Poem



world motivation

change starts with one person, one individual, taking a stand

are we wrong for questioning criminal politicians

Wanting officials held accountable, for not satisfying their positions

Right now… their is a war on liberty, that’s also quite astonishing

They sell the world hope and dreams, they never end up accomplishing

In a system rigged by politicians, bankers, and the so called elite

which is fueled by our support, it’s in our hands when it will suffer defeat

So if you are reading this poem, it’s time to do your part

share this message with others, because I mean it from the heart


Change Spoken Word Poem


We live in a society of criminal politicians

Each political term we’re promised hope and change, until they’ve been awarded their position

We live in a society where laws are influenced by corporations

More concerned with other countries, instead of reconstructing our own nation

Yes we can speeches, the promises of tomorrow

How can anyone lobby for another war, when we can still feel the pain and sorrow

I’m not for open borders, but don’t believe in segregation

We cannot support this influx while still dealing with inflation

The people are who built this country, that government is destroying

I miss the old america, the land of hope and dreams

Not our modern day concentration camps, or least that’s how it seems

Government should be held accountable the same as we the people

How can we trust a system, that’s secretly deceitful

I’m just hoping that we see the problem, and fix it as a nation

Or else we’re doomed towards a path of destabilization

Conspiracy Theories by Poetry Lobby


An untethered soul, drifting ever so cautiously
This young man proclaimed no one will be the boss of me
He sought out all types of insightful knowledge
Though not the kind you’re taught college

Placed carefully in the context of books That your average Joe won’t  care to look
When he stumbled on something bigger than words
So epic, this is something you’ve never heard

What would you say if your very world seized to exist
And our government sucome  to dictatorship
Ruled by an elitist oligarchy, and you spent your entire paycheck on prison cell apartment… To Be Continued

Sovereignty by Poetry Lobby


Frustrated by by the minuscule nature in which we live our lives
Keeping my sanity, trying not to compromise
The weight of knowing I’m destined for more
In a system without options to explore

I seek I search I try to find, no gravity left to hold me down
There’s an ocean of problems all around, so many disconnected people now
Just a little help is all we ask, our ancestors fought to fly this flag
No dictatorship is going to take it back

Just remember all we have to loose, we can’t continue pressing snooze
Fight for what ever you believe, avoid those tempting to deceive

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Concrete Rose Blog Review by Poetry Lobby


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