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Sex Therapy Poem



 Woman get sexually frustrated, you have to keep them satisfied 

This will make a once dead relationship, come back alive

Pleasing them will ease their tension

Caressing there bodies will get their attention

We all need some sex therapy 

Our lives, depend on how good it will be 

Make sure you are pleasing your partner

Because no sex, just makes a relationship harder


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Woman’s Body Spoken Word Poem


A woman’s body flawlessly in nature, with hip that bend and wind
Most men like a woman’s body to curve like space and time
Long legs, thick thighs they”ll treat your body right
Those California beach  girls that keep it nice and tight
Shout out to the georgia ladies that represent the peach
And those Jersey, New York, Boston woman back out east



Imagine awakening to a cold dark silence

Alone in the world like being lost on an island

This enormous globe once full of lively souls

Has now grown so eerie dark and cold

Exiled to roam the earth desperately in search of a single companion

No this must be a dream a  terribly bad one

You jump out of your sleep now back in your room

Ecstatic with joy your not trapped in a life full of gloom

If there was ever a message for all to be heard

Get right with god before you leave this earth


Would I be wrong for questioning the things we value people 
Money, sex, drugs and fame but the roots of it all are evil 
Watching the news at six am all stories they cover, tragic 
I’m sick of seeing people die and the world in all this madness 
On the other hand there are people starving loosing homes don’t know what the hell to do 
Fighting for government benefits can’t get their case approved 
Magnetic motors could power the world 
For less than what we pay 
So the governments suppose to care about US, well at least that’s what they say