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Daily Prompt: Construct

via Daily Prompt: Construct



Construct is to build, perfectly engineered pieces of work

Like a bit of poetry, or music, that you may of heard

Maybe an architect building, from a master plan

When we manufacture things, with love and quality

Some would say, it could even be art, possibly

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How To Get Views


There will be ups, and there will be downs

But somewhere online, there are views to be found

As I am searching the web, for this information

Driven by passion and true motivation

I know this is a journey, I’m willing to take

Knowing some days it will drive me irate

Some say it’s about timing, but it’s probably luck

Whatever you do, I would never give up




I woke up this morning, I left in a rush… 
I forgot to eat breakfast my stomach is flushed 
as I walk out the door I slipped down the steps , man I nearly broke my neck 
Then I run to the bus as it speeds away,  I say great what a way to start your day 
Get into work and the boss says you’re late, have your desk clean buy the end of the day 
Clean out my desk as I leave in a hurry, from all of the tears my vision is blurry 
I’m crossing the street I get hit by a car, I cannot see nothing now but stars 
With a fractured rib and a dislocated spine the doctor says man are you out of your mind
I say no, I I’m in hurry and could avoid this all by just taking the time
As I day dream in bed this is what’s on my mind



broken poem

My admiration of a womans presence in all its essence

Must i pay for another mans mistakes from past times in the present

You would think good women want good guys and likewise

From my experience thats not the case in my eyes

Bad guys appeal to most woman, generically hardwired to feel safe in the presence of those

While good men are left to pay, with the resentment they show 

Broken like finely crafted china scattered about 

This is a woman with much hate that she travels with now, Broken 





There’s a little baby, With two little hands

5 Months old and already stands

She’s bright, and curious, 

A little explorer

She sleeps with a smile

Watching her for a little while

Till she wakes again 

I gently fall asleep with a grin