Heart Broken


The ambiguous images of prominent figures once full of life, are
now overshadowed by pain and grief
Taken abruptly, like a stolen treasures at the hands of a thief 
It’s like being dealt a deck without the Ace of spades
An unfair advantage to which where enslaved, now each day that passes old
Memories fade

My heart is trapped door that leads to no where, it hasn’t learned how to let others in
Shattered hopes and broken dreams you are further away from my hart than it seems
I wish I could be different, I wish this would end
Where loving someone is more than a dream, I wish there were a you and I in team

Instead a heart scared with losses and no room for acceptance of those to come
To all of those who felt this void its the bitterness to the taste of what has been done
Maybe a broken heart can love, but I’m still looking at ways to fix it up


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