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Woman’s Body Spoken Word Poem


A woman’s body flawlessly in nature, with hip that bend and wind
Most men like a woman’s body to curve like space and time
Long legs, thick thighs they”ll treat your body right
Those California beach  girls that keep it nice and tight
Shout out to the georgia ladies that represent the peach
And those Jersey, New York, Boston woman back out east

The Perfect Storm Now Available For Sale

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The Perfect Storm poetry book, will be available on Kindle, and all other online platforms within the next 24 hours. This is the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays. The book should be a best seller within the next year, be the first of your friends to read it. Again thank you all for keeping me motivated to write. I will be releasing more poems within the next week. So stay tuned for updates on the book as well as. 

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Decisions Spoken Word Poem



The problem is we worry about the future and not the right now 

when we set our hopes to high, and we’re constantly let down 

you live your life by the books in hopes to get ahead 

When you have to demand equality, but don’t feel you need to beg

when you pour your heart out to your lover, but they fail to let you in

Do you give up on this problem, or keep fighting ’til you win 

Decision…Decisions they’ll be with us to the end

Pick Up Lines Spoken Word

Pickup Lines


I’m no photographer, but I could picture us together

Somebody told me pick up lines where corny, I think there clever

Or should I should I post a funny video, and tag her on the Vine 

So I can tell the whole where this girl is cute, I think she’s fine

You didn’t fall from the sky, you didn’t fall from a tree

But hopefully, you fall in love with me

I’m not big on words or public speaking 

I just hope these pick-up lines, are halfway decent



Religion Spoken Word Poem

rsz_religion101-v2 (1)


There are approximately 4,200 religions, currently being practiced

Which include; Cults, Christians, Muslims, and we cant forget the Baptist 

Religion is a cultural system of beliefs

It’s generally taught by pastors, or some may call them priest 

Basic information before leaving earth, two thirds of american citizens,

read the King James version of the B.I.B.L.E

Passages depicting quotes from god, and his disciples

We won’t be judged collectively, so I believe in individuality 

See the fundamental aspect of it, is in the spirituality  





Perception Spoken Word Poem



Is the world we live in just an illusions

How do I sort through the methodical programmed confusion

Perception, is the reality of human life

Do you believe in dimensions, beyond visible light

Comparing ideas, concepts, and beliefs

Not being constrained by the thought police

Perception, is a fundamental component in our right to freedom

When someone feeds you an idea, you don’t have to believe them

We know perception, is in each individual

And the world without it, would be so one dimensional 

Patience Spoken Word Poem


As as a kid I often heard the phrase, patience is a virtue

Sometimes we get disappointed, it can be a little hurtful

we watch the clock at work, constantly keeping time

Everything happens for a reason, is what we have to keep in mind

Be humble and discipline, just wait for things to come

It’s a quite frequent occurrence in life, this happens  to everyone

Faith is equally as important, in this life that keeps us waiting 

How come things never happen when you want, is what I’ve been contemplating

Good things come to those who wait

So I deposited this knowledge, in my mental bank


Faith Spoken Word Poem



The evidence of things not seen 

It’s confidence and self-esteem

Knowing things will come to fruition

Its patience, hope without regard for time

Giving your last dollar, to that homeless guy 

we live in a world where faith is needed

To conquer obstacles and not be defeated 

It’s the tool that’s with us in the midst of adversity

Eliminating fear, if there’s an emergency 

With faith you stay strong, in times of depression

It’s faith that will get us through this catastrophic recession

Unwavering and deeply rooted

Each person’s faith is tailor suited

Spoken Word Poem | Rigged Game


In a society, effected by others decisions In this crazy world, this life we’re living
Where 80% of us sacrifice, but don’t quote me on that, until the math is right
In a world where success, is sink or swim
Where barriers are placed, between you and them
We climb the ladder and hope for the best
Then your placed into college, by the scores on your test 
In a game that’s rigged for most to fail
So we attempt and we try, but to no avail

Spoken Word Poem | How To Go Viral

Browsing social media, and it seems like people do anything, for likes now days Hopefully if I act crazy enough, somebody will come by and like my page A couple million views, and I’ll be famous Wouldn’t you like for everyone to be screaming, whatever your name is Realistically, you have to create amazing content The more epic it is, you get better responses It spreads rapidly, if you share it on Instagram Facebook or Twitter You’ll get a better response if you included a picture