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I wish I could  word the unexplainable

Reach the  unattainable

be able but I can’t

at least not for  the moment

I won t go  defensive

I ve been unexpressive about my other self

renounced  seeking for help

to raise my white flag

when on the battlefield

I am already dead even before being killed

When I open my eyes assuming it is another day

I  find myself armed

in the same battlefield

Sometimes I make it through

this is how I am presented to you


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The Great Houdini Magic Poem



An innovator in the entertainment industry 

By escaping death, and making things go missing

As great as he was, this was all just an act 

Life is an illusion, this is a fact

Houdini excelled in the art of escaping

Simply teaching us how to evade life, how amazing

Love, is the greatest magician on earth

Since no one, can escape this four letter word

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