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Spiritual Awakening Poem



 Today we have more youth, who are inclined to become spiritually and politically informed

At a time in our life, where it more necessary to be resistant, than comply or conform

We’re at a point in history, were instead of trusting politics and practices

We know that every question we have, in our spirit is were the answer is

As we shape the future of the world our children will live in

There is a spiritual and mental war we must win, and not give in

So make sure that you read your bible, eat right, meditate, you know food for your soul

Because our mind, body and spirits are the only things that we control


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Religion Spoken Word Poem

rsz_religion101-v2 (1)


There are approximately 4,200 religions, currently being practiced

Which include; Cults, Christians, Muslims, and we cant forget the Baptist 

Religion is a cultural system of beliefs

It’s generally taught by pastors, or some may call them priest 

Basic information before leaving earth, two thirds of american citizens,

read the King James version of the B.I.B.L.E

Passages depicting quotes from god, and his disciples

We won’t be judged collectively, so I believe in individuality 

See the fundamental aspect of it, is in the spirituality